The other loser: Roche Roche announced this weekend that it would Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List still share the recipe for the corona tests. The Swiss company had all appearances against it: a billion-dollar turnover, a major player in the pharmaceutical industry and reluctant to make the recipe for the necessary corona tests public. The image of Big Pharma as a moneylender was Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List easily painted – almost as easily as the words “How many dead?” on the wall of the pharmaceutical company’s office in Almere. It’s easy to scapegoat and maybe of course. If so much goes wrong, surely someone has to be responsible for it? In any case, it is remarkable that Roche only shared the recipe for the tests so late.

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The FD calculated that the diagnostics Norway WhatsApp Number List department (which includes these tests). Accounted for an operating result of 242 million Zfr and the margin was only 2 percent. By way of comparison. In the pharmacy department, the result is almost Zfr 18 billion and a margin of 37 percent. This image opportunity was an open goal, relatively affordable and clearly linked to the company’s purpose. RUMAG is getting good company from Roche. As another PR loser during this corona crisis. PR: keep an eye on public opinion Never wasted a good crisis .



Norway WhatsApp Number List
Norway WhatsApp Number List

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This corona crisis is an excellent opportunity for brands Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List to be relevant in the lives of their customers, fans or society. While one brand plays a graphic trick with its logo or raffles free underpants among those staying at home, the other brand seizes this crisis to donate money or alcohol for soap. Taking advantage of this crisis, or on the back of a Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List good cause, will be punished. Factual or business communication is required if your brand is benefiting financially from the c-virus. In any case, it is clear that it is important to keep an eye on public opinion. Consider whether a communication takes into account prevailing sentiments and this health crisis that is costing thousands of lives.

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