To feature some of your best/favorite content. Social Warfare popular posts widget Popular Post Widgets are also a great way to showcase your best content. Since your evergreen content should be among the most popular, having a popular posts plugin would be very helpful. (Popular posts are one of the many features of Social Warfare, FYI.) Share regularly cinemagraph repeat Image via François Beaurain Once the article’s initial buzz is over, be sure to continue adding it to your social sharing schedule regularly, at least twice a month. Remember that social networks move quickly. Just because you’ve shared something once doesn’t mean everyone in your audience has seen it.

Sharing your posts more than once and repeatedly over time is crucial. click to tweet If you have a content calendar, make sure you work on your evergreen posts regularly. Another idea I recently discovered is to create a permanent queue in Buffer. Read point number 2 in Kevan’s post. This will allow you to keep social media posts ready to use for recurring sharing and optimization. Reuse the mucus One way you can keep the momentum going or add fuel to the fire is to repurpose your content in different formats. Hopefully you’ve already included some visuals like I said earlier, that’s crucial.

Maybe You Can Go One Step Further

And create some alternative media formats to increase the reach of the content. Some great reuse ideas might include: Turn it into a Slide Share presentation make a youtube video with it make a talk about it Create a SoundCloud version Repost it on Medium Always make sure that when you reuse or republish your content outside of your blog, you always create a call to Denmark phone number action and link back to the original piece. That’s where you control the environment and that’s where you can continue to refine and update it. Link to it as much as you can You’ll want to continue to link to this post when appropriate on newer blog posts. You can even go back and find your oldest posts that are still getting traffic and add links to this post.

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The more you link to that timeless content, the more authority you create for it in the eyes of search engines and the more opportunities you give people to discover you. Continue linking to your evergreen content to increase your authority and visibility. click to tweet Keep them updated About every six months you’ll want to revisit and update the post to keep it as relevant or valuable as possible. The investment in these evergreen poles can be heavy at first, but they can be worth their weight in gold. Also, updating them is usually easy since most of the work is done and can help when you don’t have time to create a new post.

One Last Thing Once You’ve Created

These evergreen posts, don’t make the same mistake I did and miss out on thousands of potential email subscribers. In my follow-up post, I share how I increased my email subscriptions by 400% in just one day with a simple strategy. Forget about your follower and focus on this Published: 2015-09-23 I’ll just come out and say it: Follower counts are mostly useless. Having a million followers means nothing unless those followers engage with your content. It is easy to accumulate followers on social networks. All you need to do is follow as many people as you can and you will get people to follow you. Heck, you can even jump over to Fiverr and buy massive amounts of followers for pretty much any social network if you want.

But what is the point? Have a large number on your profile page? To impress people with how “popular” you are? Well, I’ll tell you one thing: the only thing more embarrassing than a social media profile with no followers is a social media profile with a ton of followers and no engagement . It means that you have attracted people who don’t care what you have to say. Or worse yet, you just attracted a bunch of bots. For bloggers, a similar vanity-based metric is page view. What does it matter if you get a million page views if they don’t lead you towards a tangible goal?

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