You will get tons of sites where you can try your luck. Serpstat Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform consisting of 5 modules: keyword research; competitive analysis; backlink analysis; range tracking; Site audit. We’ll go with the backlink research tool to find even more outreach opportunities. Type your competitor’s name in the search box, go to backlink analysis, choose 1 link per domain and explore the backlinks. You can export about 500 backlinks from your competitor to the spreadsheet and analyze them! By doing this, you can: Analyze your competitors’ outbound content marketing strategy; Find opportunities to improve your own strategy; Find websites they use for guest posts and steal them all!

I have read about this method in this article on SEJ . Shortcut If you haven’t, google “blogs that accept guest posts” and find huge lists like this one . Sometimes all the work is done for us. Step #2 Choose the path I tried 3 strategies for blogger outreach: Newsletter; personal email; Social media platforms. Newsletter There are many tools to automate this job like Replyapp or Buzzstream . Newsletters are great to save a lot of time and reach more bloggers automatically. These tools allow you to send emails to a large list of bloggers with a single click. This is how it looks: At the same time, bloggers don’t like someone treating them this way. A newsletter means you don’t even bother to write the personal email, let alone analyze the blogger’s website.

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To write for this particular blog, you just want to write for any blog that meets your requirements, and it’s insulting to most bloggers. The phrase “I have taken a look at your blog and I liked it” speaks for itself. She says “I am a fraud. I don’t care about your blog. I am just looking to promote my product Bolivia whatsapp number list  anywhere and also get a free link from your blog.” My advice: avoid formal phrases and disclosure templates. Even if you use the tool to communicate, try to customize it as much as possible. Your goal is to make sure no one guesses that it is a newsletter. And another tip: never try to reach established influencers this way. If you guess that it’s not a personal email, chances are you’ll never be able to fix things again. For what you can earn through influencer marketing, you have to be willing to put a little more effort into building relationships.

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Buzzstream might be better for influencer outreach, as it allows you to add something personal to each letter before you send it. personal email It takes 10 times longer to write all the emails manually, but sometimes it pays off, especially with influencers. First scan the blog you want to reach out to, and then write something specific in the email. You can mention a certain article or even quote it somewhere within the body of the email. Write like a real person, add jokes, be simple and polite. For some inspiration on what an outreach email can look like, check out this list of email templates for cold emails. social media platforms. Although LinkedIn is a business social media platform, it’s not for business, it’s for connections!

I Definitely Advise You To Be Part

Of this community and invite all the bloggers you know to be friends on Linkedin. At the same time, you shouldn’t sound like a salesperson when you write to them. Get to know them better first, share your experience, find common ground and only after that try to talk about the benefits they can bring to each other. I think you can start a conversation on Linkedin with the offer only if your emails have not been answered. So you can say that you really want to work together, but you haven’t had an answer. Facebook is the last resort as it is a social network for personal communication with friends and family. Don’t bother people there without a good reason.

The best social media platform to communicate and get acquainted is Twitter. You can write a short message to the blogger and ask about the most convenient place to talk. Step #3 Submit a pitch I suggest the following structure for the email: Your name and position; Brief information about your company, about your achievements; The reason you are contacting (including something personal) Some samples of your best pieces (2 or 3) Indicate the benefits that the blogger will get from this collaboration (promotion on your channels, referral program, exchange of posts, etc.) Suggested topics with a brief summary. Quick tips:Bloggers’ reach can be key to blogging success.

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