You can segment the search by Queries, pages, Countries, Devices and Search Types. All this, of course, in the period of time you choose and compare if the CTR. Searches and Positioning are increasing. You can request the entire report with all the related keywords and download them in a CSV file. Which will allow you to organize them however you want or in Google documents and store in the cloud. In this report the keywords exceed 200 and that is of great value for my following Marketing strategies. In the internal links section. It shows you the number of visits that have been generated from other pages. This report will allow you to evaluate if your Link Ukraine Phone number strategy is working correctly. And which websites bring you more visits.

The links and traffic section of Search Console allows you to evaluate your Link Ukraine Phone number strategy. In internal links, you can see and evaluate your content relationship strategy works. The number of links you have to other content on your website. And the number of visits they generate. A correction in this section would mean improving your bounce rate. Which as you will remember was one of our first objectives in this post. The Google Index section allows you to see if Google robots are correctly indexing your page. The keywords of your content and the importance relationship in them (it also allows you to download the complete report). It allows you to check if you have blocked resources and the option to remove a URL.

Search Console Offers Ukraine Phone Number

Likewise, Search Console offers you a tracking section where you can test and check. How Google robots access your website to index it, with its statistics and the option of adding a Site Map . It also offers you information on whether your website has problems in the URL parameters or security problems. Finally, in Other Search Console Resources , it offers you Ukraine Phone number . I recommend that you try Page Speed ​​Insights to test the speed of your website on mobile devices, tablets or computers, it will be of great help to correct possible errors and Ukraine Phone number your positioning. Also in this section you will find everything related to structured data on your website, configuration and verification of your email and many other training and Marketing services with Google.


Google Analytics 360 revolutionizes Web Analytics. Here all the news. Google Analytics Ukraine Phone number revolutionizes Web Analytics in 2017 and that is why today I want to share with you all the new features of Google Analytics in its interface and in three of its new applications: Google Tag Manager, Data Studio and Google Optimize , so that you can get the most out of it to each of its functions. This post is the summary of my conference at #ProMarketingDay organized by Aula CM and Hoy Marketing on April 1, 2017 at the Goya Theater in Madrid ; and my goal is to inform you of the main changes, updates and applications of Google Analytics 360 Suite. All the News of Google Analytics Ukraine Phone number Suite

The Six Features Ukraine Phone Number

For the past few years, Google engineers have been hard at work updating and improving Google Analytics reports. They have been hard at work creating features that provide their customers and users with more detailed reports on behavior, interactions, user interest levels (direct and indirect), and market competitor positioning and relationship ( link) of users with the web. For this purpose, a little over a year ago, Google presented its project: Google 360 ​​Suite, which Ukraine Phone number of 6 applications, of which, until then, four were totally new and up to Ukraine Phone number.

Google Analytics 360Google Tag Manager 360Google Data Ukraine Phone number 360Google Optimize 360Google Attribution Center 360Google Audience Center 360 (not yet released). With those six platforms in the Google 360 ​​suite , you want to give your customers a holistic view of marketing campaigns, with the ability to build personalized and optimized campaigns, while generating more comprehensive performance reporting. In this way, Ukraine Phone number wants to expose relevant information in a more complete and intuitive way to create more personalized ads, and give brands the opportunity to position themselves above the competition by expanding the benefits and CTR in their campaigns.

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