Through tags like: /inspiration / Indonesia Phone Number/creativity Or any other keyword you think will help jumpstart your creativity. Just write it after and you’ll have an instant source of inspiration! Your turn! Well, you have seen my best creative inspiration sites in 2015; Now, how about you show me yours? Go ahead and post a link to the sites that inspire you in the comments below. How to Increase Pinterest Traffic by 2,000% Published: 2015-03-13 Could you use an additional 1,937% increase in Pinterest traffic? Yes, you read that right. Nearly two thousand percent increase in Pinterest traffic. How the hell did I do that? Let me start by showing you. Where I started with Pinterest and then show you how I got to where I am today.

My Pinterest Story In 2013, Pinterest received a lot of attention. It was a new trendy social network (although it had been around since 2009) that was becoming a referral Indonesia Phone Number machine. And a lot of people were talking about it. Meanwhile, on Google+, I was having a lot of fun and not paying much attention to Pinterest. Especially since Google+ was sending me a ton of traffic and Pinterest wasn’t even a blink on my Google Analytics radar. not that there is anything wrong with that I saw Pinterest as something my wife and her friends used and it seemed like a predominantly female network.

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Wrong with that. So when my friend Jeremy Smith started writing about how Pinterest was a gold mine for bloggers, I really didn’t believe him. He then showed me his Indonesia Phone Number and I immediately decided to find out. Curiosity quickly turned into outright outrage because one thing was so apparent on Pinterest: It was extremely visual . As someone who is known for his ability Indonesia phone number to create visual content, I was dumbfounded as to why my posts weren’t doing better on Pinterest. Here is where my Pinterest traffic was as of December 2013: Pinterest referral traffic 2013 Not very good. Referral traffic from Pinterest was a ridiculous 3% of total social media traffic for Dustn.

Indonesia Phone Number

I had to figure out why my articles and images Indonesia Phone Number getting the attention I felt they deserved on Pinterest. So I started studying. This is what I found. Understand and optimize Pinterest culture After browsing Pinterest for a while, you will notice that the most prevalent type of pins are the ones that are tall. The width of the pins is fixed in the Pinterest flow, but the Indonesia Phone Number is not. So if your image is taller, it will automatically take up more space on the screen, giving you more exposure. This became a visual norm for Pinterest and users really seemed to love these types of tall images. Noting this, I ended up talking to + Peg Fitzpatrick and she gave me what she thought was the golden size ratio for Pinterest.

Then I Started Indonesia Phone Number Strategizing

How I could create a Pinterest-specific image for every blog post I wrote in the next few months. Also armed with a few tips from Cynthia Sanchez at Social Media Marketing World, I was ready to attack this new Pinterest strategy head-on. It just so happened that at the time I was in the middle of my 2014 redesign process. As part of that process, an idea was born. Make content more and better shared Here was my problem: I really didn’t like any of the social sharing plugins on the market. I wanted a Indonesia Phone Number to have beautiful, engaging, and responsive social sharing buttons on my blog, and I wanted to be able to customize what happens when people hit those buttons.

There was none of that. So, I got together with my friends +Nick Cardot and +Jason Wiser and we decided to create the best social sharing plugin on the market. We call it Social War . I’ll spare you the full story, but we used the early part of 2014 as a testing ground to see how well the Indonesia Phone Number worked. One of the features we were very specific about was the ability to upload a custom image from Pinterest that would automatically upload when someone clicked the button. I didn’t want to have to cram a vertical graphic into my blog post like most people did. . It ends up crushing the text and damaging the reading experience. text-crushed I didn’t like that.

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