Ideas you could sell: it could be recipes for a food blog, crotch patterns for a craft blog, tutorials for an educational website. Use your imagination, think about what you have bought in the past and take a look at your competitors: What are they selling? If you have enough ideas to start a blog, you will have some ideas for products that you can sell. Blogging is easy – just start a WordPress blog and start writing your posts. Having a successful blog may not be as easy as you thought. But you can make it a lot easier if you think it through and start prepared. Think about the answers to the questions above. And even if you don’t know an answer yet, keep in mind that you’ll have to figure it out, or you’ll have a hard time turning your blog into a successful business venture.

7 Reasons Why A Narrow, Focused Target Audience Is Ideal For A Blog Published: 2017-08-22 Recently the question arose whether a narrow target audience or a small niche would be good for a blog. And while the question is totally legitimate, there isn’t much reason not to go blogging for a narrow niche, as long as you have enough ideas about the topics to be covered in the blog, the products to be offered, and the target audience to be. large enough to provide you with enough leads. A large audience is not always your best bet. When it comes to blogging, a narrow, focused target audience could be a good thing. These are the advantages of a limited blog audience.

To Be Honest The Biggest Problem

For a blogger is usually when the niche is not narrow enough. And here are some very good reasons why a limited target audience might even be an awesome blog idea. 1. It’s easy to aim A clearly defined niche can be much easier to target than a broader niche, even if it may be very narrow. The better Iceland whatsapp number list  defined your target group is, the easier it will be to target. There are several ways to address your audience: Before you read any further, we have several resources that show you exactly how to use social media to get massive traffic and leads. For example, take a look at the following: FREE Step-by-Step Twitter Marketing Guide FREE Pinterest Marketing Ebook.

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The content networks audience building In a smaller niche, usually the “edges” of your niche are much more defined. In a wide niche, the boundaries of the niche often become much more blurred. That makes orientation more difficult. If your target audience is clearly defined, you will have a much easier way to direct. All of your blogging, networking, and social media activity directly to your target group. Even though your overall reachable audience. May not be the largest, in most cases a smaller but highly targeted audience will give you better results! Traffic from a limited target audience is of high quality. Here are some very good reasons why a small target audience might even be an awesome blog idea. Not all blogs need big numbers.

If You Manage To Get Highly Targeted Traffic

The quality of this traffic will be much better than if targeting is difficult and your audience is broader. In a very targeted audience, your blog visitors will be much more interested in what you have to offer. Even IF you get less traffic than a blog for a broader niche, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make even more money from it, because your audience is more receptive and more willing to buy. The success of a blog should not be measured in the absolute number of visitors to the blog. Rather, the success of a blog depends on how well you can target and how well the content and audience are matched. Matching content and audience can be easier Topics covered in a blog should be written for the blog’s audience. A narrow niche often gives you a clearer idea of ​​your audience’s interests.

And that makes it much easier to choose topics to cover on your blog than for a blog where the target audience is broad or not as clearly defined. Providing very well-targeted content can help with traffic, engagement, and ultimately help you drive more sales. A narrow niche also often means that your audience is homogeneous, which also makes writing directly for. This audience much easier than creating content for diverse audiences. A limited target audience is usually very receptive A narrow niche and content that is targeted directly. At that niche often means that people in that niche speak the same language. Also, if you directly cover topics that are of great interest to your niche. The response rate is often comparatively high.

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