Know your customer If knowing the product is important, understanding how the customer acts and thinks is not far behind, as this creates a favorable situation for him, with some advantages. One of them is  Greece Email List  the opportunity to better customize your approach and focus on the points of greatest interest to the person , making them feel more comfortable to proceed with the negotiation. Getting to know the customer Greece Email List involves answering a few questions: what are the reasons that would lead them to buy from you? What would be some obstacles that could make the agreement difficult? 6. Show empathy Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others, and it’s crucial that you know how to do this to learn how to be a good salesperson. Nobody likes to deal with a person who only thinks about Greece Email List their own interests and goals,

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it is exactly this image that passes. On the other hand, by making an effort to understand why the customer hesitates, you will be able to find better solutions and answers, and offer deals that are Greece Email List good for both parties. 7. Be more persuasive Persuasion, that is, the power to convince people, is an art that will transform your sales potential from water to wine. On second thought, we can say that most of the time the customer wants to Greece Email List be convinced. This means that she has found the ideal offer that fits her needs. The good news is that persuasion can be learned . So, focus each day on techniques that help you to be more persuasive , which will lead to more advantageous deals. 8. Be honest Unfortunately, the sales profession Greece Email List still has an unpleasant stain due to the bad practices that many insist on following.

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One involves the idea that to sell a lot you have to trick customers into buying more than they really need, or in some Greece Email List cases even buying a product that won’t be of any help. Don’t go that route: be honest with all your customers, even if it costs you some sales. The result will be that the customers you actually attract will be more loyal and will even end up acting as promoters of your work. 9. Learn to listen Don’t be that salesperson who talks Greece Email List too much in an attempt to impress the customer or overwhelm them with fatigue. This tactic may work for some people, but it’s not a good role model. Most important is learning to listen to what customers have to say. Listen carefully to your questions, problems, goals and then respond with Greece Email List something relevant.

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