Rethink the content of approaching and driving customers It’s not hard to understand that contacts coming Ecuador WhatsApp Number List from an inside sale are very different from face-to-face meetings. The first point is that it is not possible to understand the atmosphere in the place, that is, to have a perception of whether this customer is likely to close the deal. At the same time that it has a great reach, the internal sales resources also Ecuador WhatsApp Number List generate a lower feeling. To win this, it is important to adapt the approach strategies, trying to reduce the sales cycle as much as possible . In this sense, the role of the salesperson is, still succinctly, to induce this customer and make decisions in a more agile way. Naturally, the prospect feels that, from a distance, they have more time to think and make decisions whenever Ecuador WhatsApp Number List they want, which can lead to a bad delay.

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This change of approach may be due to the search for trying a more dynamic contact, such as video calls, more concrete offers in contacts via email, talking about numbers and conditions of Ecuador WhatsApp Number List products and services, among other practices. The ideal is to generate as much objective information as possible for each contact, imposing the need for decision-making. 2. Adapt contact practices to the distancing scenario In moments of social distance, this transition from external sales to internal sales Ecuador WhatsApp Number List becomes an obligation, that is, acceptance is very natural by everyone. Therefore, clients and prospects already know that negotiations cannot stop and that they must be adequate to the resources that allow Ecuador WhatsApp Number List them to continue working, even if there are restrictions for these processes.

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External selling starts with remote contacts and evolves into face-to-face meetings—but with the transition to the Ecuador WhatsApp Number List internal model, this second step doesn’t happen. Therefore, it is important to know how to invest the time and efforts of the sales teams . Spending the day making cold calls , for example, might not be the best strategy to get sales. When it comes to prospects, inbound strategies can be more effective Ecuador WhatsApp Number List and generate much more productivity , without losing the formality, which makes so much difference to generate conversions. Thus, the most direct contacts can be made to those who are already at a more advanced stage in the funnel or are already customers. With these, active Ecuador WhatsApp Number List contacts with emails and calls are highly recommended.

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