Into the online world like never before. Discovering and growing your reach online found a new life. However, that is not to say that SEO was reduced, not in the slightest. What happened, however, is that SEO was no longer the only game in town. Social media lowered the barrier to entry to online discovery. Malaysia Phone Number understood the growing popularity of social media and decided to start looking at social media indexing for their search results. Facebook would initially not give Malaysia Phone Number the proper access to index your site. After a while, what was once a completely fenced-in garden was now starting to make a bit of a leak in Google search.

But so insignificant that it was not worth writing about. Then there was Twitter . It was hot. It was great at relevance in real time. And Google saw it. So Google struck a deal with Twitter in 2009 to gain access to their data. But for some reason in 2011 that deal fell apart. Perhaps it was because the start of Google+ became a threat. Or maybe it was because Twitter got a little too trusting and no longer felt like it needed a partnership with Google. We may never know what happened. With the introduction of Google+, social media activity now worked in two ways: on the network itself and on Google search. This is why so many of us Malaysia Phone Number + early adopters use Google+ so fiercely: we saw the potential of compounding efforts.

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Apart from Google+ activity had very little chance of showing up in search engine results. This meant that their SEO and social media were two completely separate strategies. Problem: two independent strategies Although you could do very well by focusing only on SEO, it is often time-Malaysia Phone Number , technically savvy, and could be rewarding in the long run. Whereas with social Malaysia phone number media, it was faster, easier and for most of us it was just more fun. SEO and Social seemed to be two completely separate strategies that didn’t have much to do with each other. With Google+, we begin to see how beneficial it could be when your social activity pays off in search results. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

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Your social strategy can benefit your search engine Malaysia Phone Number  and your search engine visibility can help your social strategy. Perfect harmony. Well, finally, Twitter came to its senses and renewed its relationship with Google to give access to real-time activity, through the API, also known as “the fire hose.” Jay Baer does a great job of explaining why this move is so important to both Google and Twitter: So what does this mean? Your Twitter activity is now working for you twice. Not only does it help you gain exposure within the Twitter network, but it also helps you get into search results. Like Google+! That’s huge. You can now have 3 channels working to help you get discovered through Google search.

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Of your website itself. Your Google+ activity. Your Malaysia Phone Number on Twitter. The beauty of it? You can make all three channels work together in harmony with the right workflow. How to index your tweets First of all, make sure you know how to use Twitter like a pro first and foremost. At this point, there are still only a small percentage of Tweets indexed in Google search. But it’s getting better. The folks over at Stone Temple Consulting have put together a couple of excellent studies that you should read: How does Google index tweets today? Twitter Engagement Unmasked: A Study of Over 4 Million Malaysia Phone Number Based on these studies, there are a few things we can learn about getting your tweets indexed by Google.

Having more followers definitely helps. Images and hashtags are more likely to be indexed. Having at least 10 inbound links to a tweet can significantly increase the Malaysia Phone Numberof your tweet being indexed. View Bonus Pin Chart Now, it is important to remember that these studies are not absolute. Results are not guaranteed if you follow them. They are simply a way to increase your chances of getting indexed. This is not digital wizardry, just well-educated tactics. (New words are fun.) And since I know you love infographics, here’s an easy visual reminder of these tips. twitter tips to get indexed by google infographic Pin this infographic Copy and paste the code below to embed this infographic on your website.

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