It Is the Great Contribution of Google to Videos. You Can Create an Interview or a Meeting with References or with Your Followers and Save It So That You Can View It Later or Broadcast It on Your Website or in Your Google + Account. You Can Also Create Webinars and Explain or Create Conversation Points with Your Community. I Leave You an Example. Wolfgang Digital Blog. Hangout with Rand Fishkin on Gaining Rankings in 2015

12 28post with Screencast. It Is Another Format with Which You Can Create Very Technical and Explanatory Videos for Your Followers. It Is Really Appreciated When They Can Help You Perform Very Technical Steps. That in Another Format Would Be Very Difficult to Explain Otherwise. I Leave You This Post About What Tools to Use to Make a Screencast. Inboundcycle Blog : the Six Best Qatar Phone Number List for Creating Video Tutorials. 5 25interactive Video. It Is a Video Format That Is Used Less in Content Marketing, but It Can Clearly Help You Develop a Branding Strategy for Your Brand. I Leave You an Excellent Example:

Tippex Brand Branding Video Series

5 20interview. It Is a Format That Will Allow You to Share Valuable Content About References or Specialists in a Sector. It Can Provide a Lot of Information to Your Community and Help You Spread News, Experiences, News or Motivations, from the Point of View of Professionals and Influencers in Your Sector. I Leave You as an Example This Motivating Video That Is the Summary of a Great Interview About the Social Media Referent Isra García . 16 39testimonial Video. Another Format in Which You Can Share Content and Above All, Spread the Degree of Satisfaction of Your Users, Your Customers or Your Followers. Testimonials, Recommendations or Good Opinions Are Essential for Your Brand.


for the Testimonial Part, the Video Format Is One of the Best Allies When It Comes to Giving Your Followers a Voice and Reinforcing the Branding of Your Brand. I Leave You an Example. Video Testimonial of Class : Summary of Class 13 22post with Video Making Of. It Is Another Video Format with Which You Can Surprise and Offer Your Users Valuable Content Regarding the Process of Creating, Organizing or Manufacturing a Product or an Event.

Set-Up of a Classroom. Instagram Video

Video Can Be a Very Technical and Costly Format in Terms of Time, Equipment and Editing. but It Is Not Necessary to Always Make Great Videos with Great Resources. There Are Many Tools and Platforms with Which You Can Create Creative Videos. and They Can Even Be Short Videos. I Give You Two Examples of Brands on Instagram with Videos of Less Than 15 Seconds. Jenis Ice Creams Instagram Video : How They Handcraft the Caramel for Their Dessertsmaking Off on Instagram, Set-Up of Aula Cm

4 304. Post with Infographics. Infographics Have Broken into Online Communication Quickly and Effectively. They Are a Type of Content That Today’s Audiences Like Very Much, Since They Are the Graphic Essence of a Story or a Concept . an Infographic Is a Mixture of Data with Images and Designs That Help You Communicate in a Concise Way and That Can Help You Specify Your Messages. They Are Based on the Visualization of Data or Complex Ideas So That They Are More Easily Understood. If You Are Good at Image Editing Programs and Have the Skills to Do So, It Can Be a Very Interesting Format to Share Your Content and Capture the Attention of Your Audience

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