Americana, Leroy Merlin and still we are in first place. So, would content marketing for architects really only work if you had a big office or a renowned name in the market? The excellent news is no. And better Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List than that, we’re going to teach you how to get started with this content strategy. 4 Tips to Start Your Content Strategy 1. It’s not about you. It’s all about your target audience. Many times you are watching television and some commercial appears intrusively and you complain Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List because that content is not directed at you and, on top of that, it is separating you from the program you were watching before. Right? Well, the same way you feel upset your user is too. When entering your website or blog and seeing that there is no content focused on his needs, on his pain, that it Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List is not a “remedy” for what he is feeling, he leaves and probably won’t come back.

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So, ideally, stop writing or posting on social media about yourself, about your project, about your portfolio, about Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List your victories, about your award-winning project, etc… I’m not telling you never to do this, I’m saying if you do this, do it with a focus on your user . Let’s see how this works in practice? Example 1: You write content showing all the technical details of a project (a room for a home office) that won an Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List award at Casa Cor, for example. You show the blueprint, the specifications, the materials used, how you made it, and so on. Do you really think this appeals to someone other than your friends and other architects? Example 2: In this same scenario, you write a text Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List explaining the advantages of doing a home office, the main benefits for productivity, mental health and personal and professional happiness.

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It also shows how companies are adopting this practice around the world and having better results. And, after Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List focusing on all the pains and benefits, you present your project. Much greater the chance that someone will be interested in this second example, right? Nobody buys a drill, people buy a perfectly shaped hole in the wall in seconds. All of this explained above comes down to your persona . So, before Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List writing, think carefully about how, why, when, where and with whom you will communicate . An excellent way to create communication with your audience is using the Golden Circle methodology . Tool tip for creating your persona: The Awesome Persona Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List Generator 2. Research Themes and Keywords Again, I want to remind you that it’s about your target audience.

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