For the customer, this is just a way to make the search more convenient . But note that the initial idea was not always to have a barbecue. Even so, many USA Phone Number List take something extra, just to “seize the opportunity”. 7 Tips for Using Cross Merchandising Masterfully Now that you understand Cross Merchandising, and realized how it has been in your daily life for longer than you thought, it’s USA Phone Number List time to learn how to use it. And the good news is that it’s not just large retail chains that can make use of this technique. Within your point of sale (or even adapting to your e-commerce ) just apply the principles we will show below: 1. Find out which products can complement each other First is the most obvious USA Phone Number List point of Cross Merchandising: the combination of products . If you don’t know what complements each other, your path will be much more complicated.

The Importance of Custom

For this, there are several forms of combinations. One option is to put together multiple products that are used for the same purpose. For example: noodle; Tomato USA Phone Number List Sauce; grated cheese; colander; between others. An electronics store could set up a section of products for those who play sports. In this case, the best course of action would be to put together, for example: a waterproof smartphone; a sports USA Phone Number List camera; a smart watch with wristwatch, calorie counter, etc. 2. Mount magnetic showcases Your windows need to do more than showcase the products. Chances are, customers are already familiar with the type of product USA Phone Number List you offer. You have to tell stories, make the person see yourself using the product you sell.

USA Phone Number List

And when you manage to print this level of storytelling in the window, all the products that make up the scene become attractive to the customer. 3. Use the USA Phone Number List data to your advantage The simplest combination of items you can do comes through a few basic steps: see what your best selling products are; find out which smaller items are often purchased with a certain frequency by those who purchase those items; understand why the secondary product complements the USA Phone Number List best seller well; create a match between the two products in a way that matches what you discovered in step 3. 4. Create themed stations We’ve already talked about two examples of combinations that could serve as theme USA Phone Number List station ideas: the barbecue items stand and the sports electronics section. But why is this kind of idea so relevant?

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