The Pareto Principle is originally a rule that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. In the organizational sphere, its application is relevant in several areas. In this text, we are going to talk about Lithuania Email List using the Pareto Principle for social media. Rock Content Copywriter 9 Oct 18 | Reading: min Pareto principle for social media It is no longer necessary to emphasize the importance of a company being present and active on social networks . This has long gone from being a competitive advantage to becoming an almost Lithuania Email List mandatory procedure in any digital marketing strategy. Often, the main question that hangs over managers who want to produce materials for these media is: what type of content should be posted and Lithuania Email List how often ? An interesting way to look at this strategic issue is to apply the 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle.

How Important Is It To The Strategy?

In this article, we’ll understand what this rule is and explain why you should apply the Pareto Principle to social media. Check out! What is the 80/20 rule? The name itself suggests its meaning. Quite Lithuania Email List simply, the rule states that, in many situations, 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. The first academic reference to this principle was made by the Italian economist Wilfredo Pareto, in 1892. In his article, Pareto Lithuania Email List noted that 20% of the population of his home country owned approximately 80% of the land . Legend has it that one of the factors that led the economist to develop the rule was a good observation in his garden. There, Wilfredo would have noticed that 20% of the pods planted produced 80% of the Lithuania Email List harvested peas. Gardening inspiration or not, the fact is that, in 1941,

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According to him, 80% of the problems faced by managers originate from 20% of the company’s defective areas. Since then, Lithuania Email List the rule has become a very important concept for the management of companies. Due credit has been given to its creator, and today the 80/20 rule is known primarily as the Pareto Principle. It started to be Lithuania Email List applied in several spheres, proving to be useful in the vast majority. Some examples are: 20% of customers are responsible for 80% of sales; 20% of products account for 80% of profits; 20% of employees are responsible for 80% of production. The Pareto Principle, then, can be applied in different contexts, such as in digital marketing . The idea is to focus on the 20% that exert critical influence over Lithuania Email List the other 80 . There is, however, no universal form of application.

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