How does Stage grow digital businesses? Basically, there are three pillars that have helped companies to get Pakistan WhatsApp Number List  bigger and better results from the Stage: performance, security and support . Let’s see each one of them. performance When we talk about performance, we take into account both the host used and the speed of a website . One of the Pakistan WhatsApp Number List first steps in the process of creating a website is to define what will be the hosting , that is, the online space where the website will be stored. This is a fundamental step, as choosing a bad server can undermine the goals you have for the site. Let’s look at an example. Have you ever accessed a Pakistan WhatsApp Number List website and came across a screen like this?

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digital business The 500 error occurs when there is a server problem from some instability it or hosting plan you hired. It’s not the end of the world when this happens as the site can be back Pakistan WhatsApp Number List online in a few minutes. But, depending on the type of business, the time the site is down can represent a huge loss ! Imagine, for example, an e-commerce retailer. Every time the site goes down, it means lost sales and Pakistan WhatsApp Number List even brand strength. After all, who feels confident about buying on a website that keeps dropping? Institutional sites also lose points with the public when hosted on unstable servers, because once someone finds your site in a Google search and it doesn’t open, the person returns to RESP and chooses to continue their search on another site, possibly from Pakistan WhatsApp Number List your competitor.

Pakistan WhatsApp Number List

For this reason, on Stage we try to offer hosting on one of the best servers in the world – AWS – which has Pakistan WhatsApp Number List machines with greater memory and processing capacity to maintain the stability of the websites stored on the Stage, in addition to loading speed. To understand the importance of speed, let’s think again about the user experience. When accessing the internet on your cell phone and a website takes a long time to load, Pakistan WhatsApp Number List you close it, right? Well, so does your audience if your site is slow . According to Google, 53% of people leave a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to fully load . And, according to our survey here at Rock Content, every 1 second of load represents an average loss of 11% in traffic and 7% in Pakistan WhatsApp Number List conversion . For that reason, Stage has been helping companies make their websites faster.

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