It’s important to understand what content will be the most important part of the strategy. Just as a blog post is content, a promotion is also content. The Montserrat Email List difference is the target audience. A promotion is much more targeted content than a blog post, but both work. The crucial thing here is to understand your end consumer and target the right content to make the conversion you need. Unfortunately, if you don’t have content to target and chat with your end Montserrat Email List customer, your chances of conversion will be negligible. Do you have any questions about Content Marketing management or any questions you would like to see in your next interview? Comment below! The big lesson we can take from this is to think more about engagement and efficient contact with the Montserrat Email List customer than simply the number of likes.

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What Norway’s Burger King realized was that, for them, 8,000 Internet users who interact and defend the company are much more valuable than the 30,000 who would leave the firm for a competitor at the first opportunity. Numbers Montserrat Email List are important, of course, and we also teach you how to gain more followers on social media ! Still, they’re not everything, and this is one of the examples of digital marketing that reminds us that, with Inbound , quality always comes before quantity! Inbound Marketing 2.0 2. Pepsi: free soda in Montserrat Email List exchange for likes On the seemingly opposite path to the king of hamburgers, Pepsi really seemed to be just thinking about increasing their fan base with this action, but in fact their idea went well beyond that. In exchange for a Facebook like, Montserrat Email List the company offered a cold soda, free of charge.

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All you had to do was access the social network on a touch screen attached to one of the Montserrat Email List machines distributed around the company, enter their fan page and leave your thumbs up to win a Pepsi. But the goal was not simply to “buy” those likes to increase the number of likes. In reality, the institution wanted to start a relationship with those people. But instead of waiting for fans to start engaging, she decided to Montserrat Email List  kick things off. With that, Pepsi gained much more than a bunch of likes. They gained permission to initiate a consumer dialogue through Facebook posts, taking the first (and perhaps most difficult) step in building a lasting customer relationship. Social Media Marketing Kit 3. BMW: Simulation of Your Montserrat Email List Own History How are you going to celebrate when your fan page hits the million likes mark?

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