After all, which business is really going if your team is not motivated and committed? With so many benefits, such as the possibility of improving productivity, pro activity, coexistence and Saudi Arabia Email Database group work, it is interesting for managers to analyze the possibility of inserting group dynamics whenever they deem it necessary, ensuring that employees and the company take advantage of the benefits of the practice. With so many content options, it’s normal for these followers to quickly lose interest Saudi Arabia Email Database when they don’t feel entertained. Therefore, the 80% that relate to informational material is crucial. To create this material, take a good look at the persona’s interests. Find out what are the trends that arouse her greater engagement, as well as the subjects she likes to consume the most. For this, Saudi Arabia Email Database some practices are essential. One is to search for keywords that are hot with profiles that fit your persona .

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One way to achieve this is to analyze the terms used by your competitors and seek to produce content related to those Saudi Arabia Email Database who perform best. Another precious tip is to follow digital influences that influence your persona. So-called influences often dictate and anticipate trends, so by looking at your posts, you gain valuable insights to produce your own Saudi Arabia Email Database content. You might be interested in these other content about influences! How to use micro influences in your marketing strategy The 7 Types of Influences: Find out which one works for your strategy! How to negotiate with digital influences: step-by-step How to produce the 20% Did you know Saudi Arabia Email Database that 80% of users follow at least one business profile on Instagram ?

Saudi Arabia Email Database

It’s fair to assume that by following these profiles, network users expect something more than entertainment or Saudi Arabia Email Database informational posts. They want to receive material directly linked to the company they follow. This is what should be the focus of 20% of the brand’s publications on social networks: promotional and institutional material . This is the ideal time to introduce new products , share company features and Saudi Arabia Email Database news, and even offer discounts and promotions. It is important to emphasize that, even if the focus is not on entertaining the customer, it is necessary to use an appropriate approach to the persona. Thus, the type of content and the language used must be consistent with the characteristics of the ideal consumer. If your persona, for example, is a 25-year-old advertising girl, mixing figs Saudi Arabia Email Database and images with casual and friendly language might be ideal.

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