With blogging, social media marketing, and online activities takes time. Once again, I highly recommend you talk to other bloggers. Join Facebook groups on the topic and share your experience. Talking to people facing the same problems can go a long way in recognizing small improvements and not giving up too soon. 6. Create enough content When you’re a new blogger, you need a LOT of content. Some people even advise you not to open your blog before you have at least 10 posts ready so that a reader who comes to your blog will already find more than one post. Personally, I think it’s enough if you have a clear idea of ​​what your first posts will be and set a strict schedule for them.

But you should be absolutely aware before you start blogging, that at least one post per month at first will just get you nowhere. To create a blog and an audience for it, you need blog content. The channels where you can market your new blog for free are demanding MORE content all the time. You can’t market a blog with a blog post. And if you write one post per month, it will take you too long to create the content needed to grow your blog audience. Tips for Writing and Blogging: Read More! To make content creation easier, here are my tips: just start typing, you will be faster typing with more experience Go to easy structures. List posts make it easier to create content, or a story with “chapters” is easier to tell. And there are other types of posts that will limit your need to write. Reading a lot. Read some more.

Find The Right Niche

This one is hard. It’s not just about choosing a niche where you have something to say. You also need to find a niche where there is a sizeable and accessible audience. While you shouldn’t copy a blog niche from another blog, you should do your research and explore related niches to find out what Dubai business fax list
others are doing. Read comments on related posts, join forums or Facebook groups. And talk to people! Also, once you think you’ve found your niche, make a list of blog post ideas. If you can only come up with a couple of post ideas, there’s a good chance you’ll run out of ideas long before your blog has found an audience and gained traction. 8. Create everything related to the publications: the blog, the images, the gifts, the registration forms, etc.


Many aspiring bloggers think that blogging is about writing. But blogging is so much more. Need to set up your blog and figure out a bunch of technical stuff. You have to choose a design and fill it with life. Need images for each post. You need to network and interact. Have to learn about social media marketing and SEO. There are tools to help you with many things and many of them are free. I like Canva to create beautiful images. And if you get stuck: ask other bloggers how they tackled the problem. Because there’s a good chance that at least some of your fellow bloggers are facing the exact same problem. 9. Do not get frustrated by comparing yourself too much with others You read all the stories about bloggers whose traffic exploded, who made a lot of money, who live their dream, etc.

That Can Be Very Frustrating

When you’re struggling to create your 10th post that will have 10 readers and your to-do list. it gets longer every day blogging is a struggle when you’re just starting out. You can make the fight easier or conquer them faster if you come prepared and learn fast. But fight you will. These are the main problems of bloggers and how to deal with them. The truth is that we all love to tell success stories. And they sound perfect when told from the perspective of after we got there. That paints a very unrealistic picture. In reality, most bloggers start out struggling and struggle to create enough content and find an audience for that content. Don’t compare your rookie self to your role models and bloggers of many years. Rather talk to others who are just starting out.

You can grow together, help each other, and maintain realistic expectations. 10. Don’t get overwhelmed by everything new When you are starting everything is new. Don’t try to solve each and every problem at once. Do not try to start on all social networks, try to conquer one at a time. If you’re still having a hard time creating blog posts, don’t target guest blogs (yet). If you find creating images for social media a challenge, start by creating just one or two for the social networks you’re active on. Please note: Blogging is a journey, not an arrival. It will take some time to fix everything, and you should give yourself that time. And always remember: enjoy the ride! You need traffic to your blog or website!

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