Your long-form video, whether it’s a trailer, how-to video, or behind-the-scenes footage. While most brands will likely use video ads that convey a strong promotional and sales message, it would be to your advantage to create behind-the-scenes visuals. Doing so allows you to engage an audience that, for years, since Snapchat is new to advertising, is used to not seeing in-app ads. Creating a video ad that blends in with people’s stories, a video that is intimate and personal, would help you engage the Snapchat audience. You can try showing your viewers your employees, a typical business day, or the daily tasks that keep your business running. For example, this could be Starbucks showing viewers how their employees make the Unicorn Frappuccino.

This could be the Museum of Ice Cream showing fans how he sets up his artwork or Forever 21 showing fans how he gets ready for a photo shoot. Featuring employees in a behind-the-scenes video humanizes your brand. It shows your viewers that your brand exists thanks to ordinary, hard-working citizens, just like them. 3. Send people to your website with web view ads Of all the conversion events, this is probably the one you look forward to the most. If I can paraphrase the old adage, a website is where the heart (of your business) is. A website is so important, in fact, that you can’t operate a business without it. A website is where your customers shop, contact you, find your locations, and learn about your brand. Snapchat webview ads are great formats to use if you want to send customers to your website.

Another Type Of Attached Ad

Web view ads allow you to attach your website URL to the ad, which Snapchat users can access by swiping up on the CTA. Once the Snapcatters do, your website will open within Snapchat. From there, Snapchatters can browse and make a purchase from your website without leaving the app. Sponsored Brazil business fax list
Lens Feature Releases A few weeks before the premiere of X-Men Apocalypse , an En Sabah Nur filter appeared in the Snapchat filter menu, his eyes alight with the wrath of an ancient deity. He reminded me that, yes, a favorite hero movie is coming out soon, and I should keep an eye out for the premiere. (And, yes, I saw the movie when it was released in theaters.)


When the 20th Century Fox campaign ended, it had a 13-point increase in brand awareness, a 25% increase in intent to watch, and an average watch time of 109 seconds. Below is a glimpse of the campaign goal and strategy that led to this success. Target Promote the upcoming release of X-Men: Apocalypse in an eye-catching and unique way. Drive brand affinity metrics and viewing intent among Snapchatters Reach out and engage Snapchatters to create a powerful word of mouth marketing campaign Strategy Run a lens takeover by replacing all the lenses on Snapchat that day with various X-Men themed lenses Develop lenses that transform Snapchatters into nine iconic mutants from the X-Men universe Encourage Snapchat users to play with the lenses and send their transformed selfies to their friends.

You Too Can Be Like 20th Century

You too can promote your releases on Snapchat. It’s a great way to familiarize 166 million people with your products before launch, a great way to spread awareness and increase sales potential. There are several benefits of lens advertising. Lenses appear to an audience beyond your contact list. Lenses have a higher chance of attracting attention due to their freshness. (Who doesn’t like to wear funny glasses?) The glasses are less intrusive than the attached ads that appear between people’s Stories. Lenses are shareable: Users can easily share their lens by posting the enlarged selfie to Stories or sending it to a friend. If you want to be innovative and unique, a trendsetter of all brands and businesses, boost your business with Snapchat – that’s where the future of advertising lies.

The 10 biggest struggles of novice bloggers and how to deal with them Published: 2017-06-28 Often when reading blogging success stories, it all sounds so easy and straightforward. And it can even be, once you have your experience and can feed on success. But when you are starting out, there are many difficulties that bloggers have to face.As a new blogger you face many challenges. Here are some of the biggest blogging struggles and how to deal with them. Follow these blogging tips to get your blogging business off to a good start. #bloggingtips #bloggingforbeginners #startablog #bloggingsuccess These struggles are the same for almost any blogger. For a blogger another struggle may be more important than another that is the biggest obstacle for another person.

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