As the SWOT analysis points out , every marketing manager needs to know the strengths and weaknesses of a business in order to develop new ideas that Tanzania Email List can strengthen the company and bring it closer to its goals. When this involves creating projects, it is essential to use the TRACI Matrix. You know those corporate projects that end up in a big mess, because nobody knows for sure what the responsibilities Tanzania Email List of each member are ? Or even those who never start because everyone gets discouraged before they even start? Using the TRACI Matrix can solve these problems and many others. For you to know how this works, in addition to having access to step-by-step instructions and tips on how to use it in your Tanzania Email List company, follow us and enjoy reading! What is the TRACI Matrix?

How To Create a RACI Matrix

The TRACI Matrix is ​​also known as the responsibility assignment matrix or linear responsibility graph. It describes the use of various functions relating to Tanzania Email List activities performed in an enterprise . The letters of the acronym mean: R responsible (Responsible); A countable (Authority); C insulted (Consultant); I formed. The function of the matrix is ​​to define the roles and responsibilities of each person Tanzania Email List involved in the company’s projects and processes . Even because a single employee is capable of performing several functions, which is why they need to be documented. Let’s look at an example: a marketing team is made up of 10 analysts and a Tanzania Email List manager. However, within a project, one of the analysts assumes the role of project manager, therefore, he must be responsible for the project, even if his role in the company is that of an analyst.

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In the work environment, he needs to be able to perform both his analyst and project Tanzania Email List manager duties . To better understand how this works within the TRACI Matrix, let’s look at the meaning of each of the letters in the acronym. R (Responsible or Responsible) The first letter is aimed at those who perform the work in order to complete a task. As much as the person who fits this letter has the work delegated to Tanzania Email List other people, it is he who should be responsible for delivering the task . A (Accountable or Authority) This letter refers to who is responsible for the proper completion of a task, that is, who delegates the work that must be done by the Tanzania Email List people in support of the task assigned to the person in charge. C (Consulted or Consultant) They are, those whose opinions are sought, so usually they are experts on the subject and with whom there is communication in both directions.

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