In these cases, placing the blame on the intern only shows the company’s unpreparedness to create a plan and an environment conducive to the growth of Brazil Email Lists professionals. Even worse is when the intern takes the blame for the company’s mistakes, having taken on activities that are not consistent with his position. The internship , as we will see, is an activity for those undergoing professional training . Therefore, it should not involve responsibilities and tasks on Brazil Email Lists the same level as someone who is already trained and has experience. In fact, the remuneration of interns is not the same as that of permanent employees, which reinforces that they should not have the same responsibilities and tasks. ​When that happens, it’s really not the intern’s fault. The fault lies with Brazil Email Lists the business management that did not develop an adequate activity plan , that did not know how to hire ,

What to do in this situation

And there are also cases in which the responsibility for errors lies with another professional who wants to exempt himself from failures and place the blame Brazil Email Lists on those who are more vulnerable, just in bad faith. In these cases, it is clear that there is a toxic work environment that needs to be worked on. How is the internship in Brazil? The internship is an essential activity for professionals in training . It is the opportunity to experience classroom learning, to face market Brazil Email Lists challenges, to socialize with colleagues in your area, to understand the relationships and hierarchies of the work environment. Therefore, this activity is regulated in Brazil. The internship is provided for in legislation since 1942, through Decree-Law No. 4,073. In 1977, the first law that specifically dealt Brazil Email Lists with internships was enacted (Law nº 6.494).

Brazil Email Lists

And if the intern is to blame

But it was only in 2008, with the so-called Internship Law, that the student internship underwent a new concept and received the current rules. According to art. 1 of Law No. 11.788 , the internship is a “supervised school Brazil Email Lists educational act, developed in the work environment, which aims to prepare students who are attending regular education in higher education, professional education, teaching institutions for productive work high school, special education and the final Brazil Email Lists years of elementary school, in the professional modality of youth and adult education”. The law also defines that the internship can be mandatory or non-mandatory in educational institutions, it does not create an employment Brazil Email Lists relationship and depends on the signing of the term of commitment between the educational institution,

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