Therefore, there are ample possibilities to explore this in Marketing. The strategies fit well with the QR Code, simply because it ‘s possible to engage so much more because of the simplified Poland WhatsApp Number List process of using the smartphone camera. Thus, the consumer can be interested in interacting and consuming, no matter what, as long as it is something that interests them. Below, see the main ways to use the QR Code, how Poland WhatsApp Number List they are applied and how they generate results that companies are always looking for. Drive customers to a landing page One of the most common uses is to direct the user to a specific landing page, related to the Poland WhatsApp Number List product, the action performed or the service.

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It is essential that there is a defined context and that this direction makes total sense for the consumer at that Poland WhatsApp Number List time. Therefore, it is important to avoid QR Codes indexed to very general pages. Ideally, there really is a strategy behind using this feature, to then bring the code to the landing page, thereby generating conversions whether it’s a Poland WhatsApp Number List sale or a lead-capture offer. Offer to download app content Publicizing a new application can be the company’s proposal, for example, in an activation action at an event, or even through TV advertising. Thus, all Poland WhatsApp Number List that is required is for the user to point the phone’s camera at the code to be taken to the app store page.

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There are several possibilities to apply this QR Code, such as: printed advertising on posters; distribution of Poland WhatsApp Number List promotional pamphlets; printing on product packaging; promotion of promotional videos on the web. Offer more information about a product Extending the shopping experience is an important pursuit that companies from all Poland WhatsApp Number List sectors have been dedicated to. A product can be more interesting than its basic functions and purposes provide, and the best way to do this is through the interaction it can generate. This practice encourages engagement with simple but effective proposals. For example, on a food package it is Poland WhatsApp Number List possible to place a QR Code that directs you to a page with information about production, nutritional table and other important data.

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