One of its most interesting features is the possibility to recommend or be recommended by someone. Thus, in addition to connecting professionals, the network allows them to act Belarus Phone Number List collaboratively . Writing a LinkedIn recommendation, however, requires some care. A poorly written text or that demonstrates little knowledge about the indicated profile can have the opposite effect to the expected. On the other hand, if Belarus Phone Number List done well, the practice has the potential to benefit all parties involved. With that in mind, we created this text to explain what these recommendations are and the advantages of having them in your profile. We Belarus Phone Number List will also list 5 tips for you to write this type of text and introduce practices that should be avoided.

Using the Game of Bingo As the Basis

Check out! What are LinkedIn recommendations? It is very common that, before making a contract or closing a Belarus Phone Number List partnership, the contracting party seeks recommendations to support its decision . Off the internet, these referrals are made through letters written by someone who has worked with the person in question and has the authority to talk about the experience. On LinkedIn, this process is made easy. A user Belarus Phone Number List can simply ask another to write a recommendation about him, and then choose whether to display the text on his profile or not. Likewise, you can, of your own free will, formulate a text recommending a former colleague or partner. What are its advantages? Using this network functionality brings interesting advantages. First, it allows an employer interested in Belarus Phone Number List your services to have quick access to what others have to say about you .

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This facilitates the evaluation process and serves as a testimonial about its characteristics. Furthermore, a Belarus Phone Number List recommendation text says a lot not only about the recommended but also about the author. After all, by stating the reasons why he considers you qualified, your connection will automatically expose your professional convictions . Finally, receiving third-party recommendations brings valuable insights Belarus Phone Number List even to you . As you read what others have to say about your abilities, you can look at your characteristics from another point of view and even include some quotes on your professional resume. What are the top 5 tips for writing a LinkedIn recommendation? As mentioned, Belarus Phone Number List recommendation texts bring advantages not only for the recipient, but also for the person writing them.

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