It becomes an alternative when the company is already established in the market , has a solid clientele and excellent Bolivia WhatsApp Number List growth prospects . In this case, the owner allows the extension of the brand by third parties. The franchisee is the one who decides to open his own business unit, in which he will be the owner of the business. This helps the Bolivia WhatsApp Number List brand to develop, gain more visibility and, above all, become an authority. For this, the franchisee needs to acquire the right to own a unit of this business. For the franchisee, opening a store that is already consolidated in the market is an excellent way to undertake. He doesn’t start a Bolivia WhatsApp Number List business from scratch , but a new unit at a certain physical point, following the brand’s standards.

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Own store For a long time, when the internet was not a reality for sales, having your own store was the main dream of future entrepreneurs. Physical space is an excellent way to win over the Bolivia WhatsApp Number List customer, bringing them closer. There, he can enjoy a differentiated experience , getting closer to the purchase . Even with technological advances, having a physical and own store is still a great strategy for companies, as long as they Bolivia WhatsApp Number List know how to manage this point. Today, efforts to make a physical store interesting must be redoubled. After all, leaving home to make a purchase is an alternative that is less and less sought after by Bolivia WhatsApp Number List consumers. In order for the own store to be a relevant sales channel, it is necessary to involve the public.

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The search for differentials is important so that, in the physical environment, there is a unique experience that is Bolivia WhatsApp Number List worthwhile for the consumer. 4. Telemarketing For a long time, especially when online sales were not a reality, telemarketing (or telesales) was very important. Calls, whether passive or active, were one of the optional sales channels for physical stores. Changes in the world, however, have weakened this model Bolivia WhatsApp Number List somewhat. Today, active connections by companies are no longer seen as something so interesting to the consumer. Therefore, to carry them out, a less invasive and highly convincing approach is Bolivia WhatsApp Number List needed . The calls are being dropped little by little, as they take some time.

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