Based on my persona experience, I found the ‘ Osborne training’ digital marketing course. It was exactly what I was looking for, a course organized in two sections, the live class section. And a period of internship with a digital marketing agency. Step 2 When you start the course you will understand the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing, exploring the basis of digital marketing and the main tools to become a digital marketer.

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According to my experience after the course enrolment I started the Belarus Phone Number List online live classes with a private tutor who guided me from the marketing basis to the search engine marketing, digital marketing tools to advertise a company and the marketing strategy to build a business. I have learnt how to use tools such as Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Facebook Ads and how to create and send marketing e-mails.

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What is the Google AdWords Quality Score or Quality Level based on

With the knowledge of this tools you can now boldly get into the digital marketing world. The more you practice and the more you better understand how to deal with the different scenarios you would face. Step 3 You’re almost done! Now that you finally have understanding in how to use the main digital marketing tools. How to start though? Normally to use this tools you should have a business. A web site or a Facebook page that you want advertise.