If we are honest, we must admit that a portion of  Bahamas Phone Number List List that excitement is generated by a sales person, but not every company is fishing with live bait; some rely almost entirely on their marketing materials. Even if you do employ sales people, why should they have to do all the work? They should have professional tools at their disposal to assist them in their efforts.

where the revenue comes from and how much each customer pays

One of the pitfalls I see many companies fall into (especially those with technical products. Is their marketing materials only show the product. There is a place for this in some pieces such as specification sheets, but people have to understand that most individuals are not moved to emotion by an image of an inanimate object. Your marketing materials should include people either a) Needing your product or service, or b) Enjoying the benefits of your product or service.

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What if a potential buyer is unable to make a decision at the time of the sales presentation. Or perhaps they are not the only decision maker? Your sales professional’s presentation may have generate all the needed emotion for the potential buyer. To want to say “yes,” but if they are unable to move forward immediately. You cannot expect that emotion to remain indefinitely.