Marketing has very specific demands and this already guides the choices regarding the qualification of professionals. In addition, it is also important to think about a hierarchical structure that guarantees leadership and, based Antigua and Barbuda Email lists on that, people capable of composing the team with their respective qualities. Next, understand what are the fundamental points considered to form a Antigua and Barbuda Email lists qualified and complete Marketing team. Seek knowledge in the basic areas There are basic areas of knowledge in Marketing, so this should be the starting point when building a team. Ensure that this team has qualified people with requirements that guarantee knowledge in areas such as: social media; metrics and K Pis; paid media; design; Dice; relationship with the Antigua and Barbuda Email lists consumer. Seek talent for senior level leadership Every great team starts with solid and qualified leadership. When structuring Marketing,

customer experience model

it is necessary to look for professionals in management positions, especially because they will be essential in choosing the next collaborators. This starting point allows to have a diversified and complete team, without Antigua and Barbuda Email lists any knowledge gap. Consider multidisciplinary professionals When starting the search for team professionals, considering multidisciplinary is essential. With new practices and extensive knowledge emerging daily, this versatility and varied foundations is essential. A complete team is Antigua and Barbuda Email lists made up of people capable of working in more than one of the Marketing areas . Have specialists in different areas Generalists cannot be just people with basic knowledge in various areas of Marketing. It is important that they are experts in at least one of these fields and, most importantly, that they Antigua and Barbuda Email lists have broad and in-depth practical experience in this area in question.

Antigua and Barbuda Email lists

Segment focused model

Develop an internship program An internship program is also of great importance to attract young talent who can be developed for the future of the company. In the learning phase, these professionals can deliver immediate efforts and, later, be decisive for the Marketing team. What is Antigua and Barbuda Email lists the organizational structure of these teams? The advancement of Digital Marketing is an essential point that needs to be considered when we think about organizational structures of a Marketing team. Before, more separated, this idea was left behind in favor of models focused on public and relationship. To Antigua and Barbuda Email lists engage and deliver qualified content and communication, it is essential to focus on experience , leaving behind structuring in large sectors. Today, a Marketing team is integrated, exchanging more data and, mainly, working Antigua and Barbuda Email lists continuously, without so many breaks in flow.

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