Simply put it is just another marketing channel. But we still need to understand how to use it in order to move forward. Understand the ‘stickiness’ of social media. SMM is interacting with your internet users. Not by selling them your products or services. But by building relationships with them about authoritative information. Entertainment, humor or controversy. Think of this channel as a way to sit in a room with your target market and have a discussion. Toss out thoughts and ideas. The communication can be controversial or humorous. The goal of course would be to build a relationship with the people of the community. It’s that relationship that will bring them to your site.


Social Media Marketing – 5 Benefits

YouTube is a great example Taiwan WhatsApp Number List of social media, look at what this site did for Mentos and Diet Coke. There was no selling involved, it was entertaining, informative AND everybody loved it! People all over the country has been talking about it and even trying the experiment, making the video a viral marketing explosion. I used this example to show the potential, even though this particular video was not created or distributed by either company, the result is still remarkable. It shows how the social element of the Internet could be used as an avenue for marketing.


Taiwan WhatsApp Number List
Taiwan WhatsApp Number List

Your Social Media Marketing


Andy Beal states: Fox Interactive Media – and about half a dozen other companies – conducted a study to determine the value of social media for marketers. Sampling 3,000 US internet users, they discovered.”More than 70% of American’s 15-34 are actively using social networks online, and the research showed social networking sites taking a strong foothold in the primetime hours. 31% of online social networkers claim they spend more time on the Web in general after starting to use a social network.

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