Gandhi and Mother Teresa of Calcutta are strong examples of people whose ambitions were to bring peace, justice and a dignified life to others. Ambition and Tuvalu Email List greed: all or nothing to see? It is very common to confuse greed and ambition, but they are both very different feelings and directed in opposite directions. The ambitious can also be greedy and, in this sense, their attitudes and wills would be geared towards Tuvalu Email List fulfilling their own interests and would float around the world of self-contentedness, in which only ‘I’ matter. On the other hand, ambition can be focused on the well-being and happiness of others. In this sense, ambition could never be seen as synonymous with greed, for the simple fact of being at Tuvalu Email List the service of something greater: the common good.

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I can have the ambition to make others happy, to help other people to evolve in their projects and be more efficient in their jobs, or simply to work hard to get a Tuvalu Email List better position and provide a better life for my family. These are positive feelings that move us forward without harming others. Therefore, they have nothing to do with greed. Advantages and Disadvantages of Ambition Like almost everything else in life, ambition also has its advantages and disadvantages Tuvalu Email List and can bring benefits or harm, depending on who uses it, their interests and the way in which their desires are asserted. For example: Have you ever met someone at work who looks like a tractor, one who goes over everything and everyone to Tuvalu Email List get what they want without caring about the consequences?

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Well, this is a highly harmful type of ambition, especially for those who live with people like that Tuvalu Email List and have to learn to deal with very unpleasant situations. People like that tend to poison the workplace and the environment they pass through and, no wonder, they usually end up unmasked, fired or simply isolated from some social groups. This is simply because no one can stand having to live with people like Tuvalu Email List that. On the other hand, there are people who are ambitious but in a totally healthy way. They are those who dream big, are clear about what they want, but that doesn’t mean they harm others along the way. ​They know, deep down, that their Tuvalu Email List  success depends only on their own effort and skills and so they work hard to get there.

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