The concept of Convergence Culture, created by Henry Jenkins, refers to three distinct interconnected Kenya Email List phenomena: the complementary use of different media, participatory cultural production, and collective intelligence. Rock Content Copywriter Jan 4, 19 | Reading: min Neuroscience applied to Marketing You may have noticed that marketing has been transforming over the years, moving away from that invasive advertising idea Kenya Email List that appeared independently of the consumer’s will, right? Any professional in the marketing area must keep in mind that, to capture the attention of your target audience , you must invest in strategies that provide the participation and interest of those who want to reach. It is thinking about the Kenya Email List union of old and current media that it is necessary to create a culture of convergence,

Convergence Of The Media

Capable of stimulating people’s imagination and creativity in addition to giving the feeling that they are part of that Kenya Email List universe they love so much. Do you want to know what this convergence culture is and how to apply it to your company’s marketing? Read on and understand better about the subject! What is convergence culture? Henry Jenkins, author of the term and researcher in the area, explains in the book of the same name his Kenya Email List concept of convergence. For him, it is the “ word that defines technological, industrial, cultural and social changes in the way the media circulate in our culture ”. Based on this concept, he believes that the movement of content through different platforms, usually involving the union between Kenya Email List different media industries, happens in a fluid and strategic way nowadays.

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Jenkins explains that convergence comes from the media , a participatory culture and collective intelligence. Convergence Kenya Email List of the media The difference, therefore, is that, in this case, the power relationship between content producer and consumer is on a fine line, being shaped with each interaction. The convergence is a process, which will be adapted to each launched technological novelty or every new mode of consumption of Kenya Email List content. Nobody imagined that the cell phone, when it was launched, would become a device capable of showing series, movies, music and many other types of content . Thanks to this, it is increasingly common for people to interact with more than one device at the same time, that is, they follow news on Kenya Email List social networks while watching a series on TV.

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