Creates an interactive timeline Reporter’s timeline shows the project step by step in an Gibraltar Email List interactive way. This function highlights all the milestones achieved by the company from ”stories”. Thus, the agency brings the client closer to the results and the creative process that made it possible to achieve the established goals. During a month of work, Gibraltar Email List several events take place. By keeping abreast of this information, the client and the agency have a clearer and more efficient communication . To make the presentation of social media history more interactive, it is also possible to embed images and videos. Create detailed reports for social media campaigns The Gibraltar Email List  good performance of social networks is essential to promote the brand, prospect customers , make a media kit and boost the company’s sales.

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In this sense, Reporter creates reports on the main metrics used in social media , such as number of followers, number of likes and comments on a post, number of Gibraltar Email List shares, among others. Another alternative of the tool is to generate a Facebook Ads report, which analyzes the ad account and the data of the campaigns carried out on this platform. Detailed analysis shows which strategies were successful Gibraltar Email List and guides the creation of content according to the interest of the target audience. Within each ad campaign, you measure reach, impressions, click-through rate, frequency, amount invested, Cost Per Click (CC) and Cost per Thousand Impressions (COM). A table with the actions performed by users is also Gibraltar Email List available , showing the public’s engagement with the publications of the digital campaign to attract customers .

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How to use Reporter to generate marketing reports? Adopting Reporter helps the agency to create professional reports quickly and easily. However, using a Gibraltar Email List new tool always raises doubts for users. To ensure good results in social media analysis, follow the step-by-step instructions on how to start using the software: log in to the Reporter platform ; add the name of the customer or company for which you will generate the report and select your preferred Gibraltar Email List language; connect the Google Analytics account of the customer to be analyzed; select the period of analysis and whether you want to compare it with another one; send the report to the customer. See how practical it is? In just a few steps, you get all the data you need to improve your client’s strategy or simply to keep you Gibraltar Email List informed about the results of campaigns run by the agency.

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