Before formalizing the job description of the professional focused on diversity and inclusion, we researched other companies, mainly abroad. However, we find Central-African-Republic Email List similar initiatives in Brazil. Nu bank, for example, has a Head of Diversity position, who is a professional with a scope equivalent to Rock’s proposal: working with diversity and inclusion initiatives that impact the entire company Central-African-Republic Email List and in all the results generated. Although many companies already have this professional, the position should not be copied and pasted. Each company has a need and needs to find out what is the most effective way to carry out the actions that are appropriate to their needs . However, knowing and studying the practices already carried out by other Central-African-Republic Email List companies is a way to learn from real experiences and, if possible, adapt and apply them to Rock’s reality.

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Having this professional is a trend in companies, but it is always necessary to align the performance with the organizational culture . This is even the reason why Central-African-Republic Email List we combine Culture, Diversity and Inclusion in a single position. How to apply more diversity principles in the company? Rock is still in the first steps of applying the diversity inclusion principles. At this point, it is essential to have informal conversations, learn about it and get to know different views of Central-African-Republic Email List the world. It’s a daily exercise. Particularly in a leadership role, you need to be aware of your own biases and how they can impact our decision-making. From this insight, the challenge is to shape these routine decisions. “Accepting that you may be prejudiced in some way in your selection process, in your promotions and in the way you relate to other people Central-African-Republic Email List who are different from you is the first step in achieving this change”

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The second key step is to listen to people , since as different people arrive at the company, discomfort is generated in the environment and this must exist, if you are completely comfortable in your company, in terms of Central-African-Republic Email List diversity and inclusion if everyone thinks alike, these principles are being applied the wrong way. It is necessary to accept that there will be discomfort and disagreements and that they should be used as inputs for learning, which can improve the company’s day-to-day activities, because from the conflict Central-African-Republic Email List we can discover how it is possible to improve. The third practical point of applying diversity principles in any company is, in fact, setting a budget , investing time and money. From the moment investments start, official and significant results can be achieved, because people understand how important it is and how much they have to respect the Central-African-Republic Email List initiatives and get involved.

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