While the operational level monitors the delivery of each project task, the tactical level analyzes the workflow , ensuring that the workflow is constant and  Liechtenstein Email Lists that all employees have activities to perform. The strategic dashboard contributes to a broader view of the business and makes it possible to see how well the company’s strategies are working. In this case, the agency’s own management (financial, sales and marketing) is monitored on the panel. Financial Liechtenstein Email Lists issues such as cash flow , OI (return on investment) and VAC (customer acquisition cost) will certainly have a place in this picture. What benefits does an agency have from using a dashboard? Just the fact of organizing the routine and various aspects of the agency in a visual way , allowing you Liechtenstein Email Lists to follow everything that is happening on a single screen, already shows the importance of using a management dashboard.

How To Structure a Management Dashboard

In addition, this tool is important for several reasons: allows the organization of data, promoting a quick interpretation of what is happening; optimizes Liechtenstein Email Lists decision making based on K Pis (key performance indicators) relevant to your agency; facilitates the implementation of innovative and efficient strategies, such as spot management; contributes to goal and team alignment. What are the main mistakes when implementing the dashboard? Metrics are part of the Liechtenstein Email Lists corporate world even before the digital transformation. Today they are more concrete and enable a much more effective work for the marketing communication area. The dashboard is already something very familiar to anyone working in this area, but it is more common to track Liechtenstein Email Lists customer metrics, and not always those of the company itself.

Liechtenstein Email Lists

When setting up the management dashboard, it is important to be aware of the objective of the analysis. If the focus is to understand the level of conversion of Liechtenstein Email Lists paid traffic sources, we know that we are talking about prospecting and sales. Another common mistake is not making it clear what is being analyzed. Furthermore, as colors are relevant to visual formatting, it is common to extrapolate when choosing tones and create a carnival, making data analysis Liechtenstein Email Lists and interpretation difficult. Another rule in the area of ​​communication that is valid here is the one that says less is more. In this case, we refer to the number of metrics. It makes no sense to collect data that is not relevant to the Liechtenstein Email Lists purpose of the dashboard . How to structure a management dashboard?

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