The intern’s journey of activities must be defined by mutual agreement and must not exceed: 4/day or 20th/week, for special education and Brunei Email Lists elementary school students; 6/day or 30th/week, for students of higher education, high school professional education or regular high school. Furthermore, the duration of the internship cannot exceed 2 years. A 30-day break is also guaranteed for the Brunei Email Lists internship that lasts 1 year or more (preferably during your school holidays). Duties of companies The law also deals with the duties of companies and institutions that grant internships. They must, for example, designate a professional in the intern’s area of ​​expertise to guide and supervise their activities. ​They must also send the intern’s report to the educational Brunei Email Lists institution, with a minimum period of 6 months,in addition to the term of completion of the internship with a summary of the activities and performance

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Companies must also meet a maximum number of interns in relation to their staff: from 1 to 5 employees: 1 intern; from 6 to 10 employees: up to 2 Brunei Email Lists interns; from 11 to 25 employees: up to 5 interns; over 25 employees: up to 20% interns. What is the role of the intern? An intern is at your company to learn . He is a professional in training, who does not yet have experience or full technical knowledge. Therefore, it is evident that an intern is more susceptible to errors. But it is the Brunei Email Lists intern’s role to also contribute to the vision of those who are arriving in the market. Although the intern wants to understand how things work, he can also question the vices and behavior of companies that end up undermining his performance and suggest different ideas to solve the problems. Those who Brunei Email Lists have been working in the market for years have already resigned themselves,

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his means that interns and interns can be a path for innovation in companies . In addition, an intern who develops within the company can become a hired collaborator when he graduates (or even before) and qualifies his staff . Even better, this professional is already aligned with the Brunei Email Lists company’s routines and culture, which greatly reduces the chances of turnover . When is not the intern’s fault? Although internship is a regulated activity in Brazil, many companies do not comply with the law. They hire more interns than allowed, assign inappropriate roles to them, demand an excessive workload, among other Brunei Email Lists abuses. Hiring interns is often seen as a way of having “cheaper labor”. Thus, they end up performing functions that should be trained professionals or assume bureaucratic and Brunei Email Lists routine tasks that do not contribute to their professional training.

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