Macro view matters It is also important to point out that just as it is essential to analyze data such as SO and  Egypt Email List  shares on social media, brand branding and storytelling of the brand also interfere in the OI. Content quality interferes When thinking about the long term, a content must be seen as something that will bring exponential return on the cost of your investment, therefore, its quality interferes in this calculation. Thus, Egypt Email List according to Cormack Reynolds , there is no correct way to calculate the OI of content, interactive or not. Each company must find its own way. Taking these points into account, the OI of interactive content must take into account not-so-easy-to-achieve points, such as the impact of interactive content on Egypt Email List various brand touch points and even on sales.

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it was all that was necessary to overturn exclusionary perceptions that at all times lead to an unhappy social separation. A pity to have to say this in the year 2019. May we be Rock in society so that society Egypt Email List can be Rock one day! From there, we started to invest more in the most critical factors, seeking to bring in more people with disabilities, more people of color and other races, instead of worrying so much about sexual orientation, as the Egypt Email List numbers were positive. With the census, we were able to discover, based on data, which were the biggest gaps that we should invest and improve. How to build a more favorable environment for diversity? During the application of Egypt Email List the census, some more provocative questions were asked,

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Such as if Rock’s environment was conducive to discrimination and if they felt, in any way, harassed or bothered by Egypt Email List issues such as their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, any type of disability etc. From the answers, some hypotheses could be proven, such as the existence of coexistence problems, jokes and inappropriate comments. But at the same time, the census showed that we were doing relatively well in terms of organizational climate . Therefore, it was not necessary to take emergency measures and Egypt Email List the actions were planned based on the greatest needs identified, such as awareness and education of people about which comments were appropriate or not for the environment. Since the launch of the census, the pillar in which we invested the most was the inclusion of people with disabilities , as this Egypt Email List was the area in which we were most out of balance.

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