To answer the question, it is essential to know that vertical management is focused on a classic, hierarchical organization chart, with well-defined positions and functions. The main difference is Indian Email Lists that in this type of management it is common for strategic issues to be in the sphere of executive positions and the execution with employees who do not occupy positions of coordination, supervision, management and Indian Email Lists presidency. Quite different from horizontal management, which encourages participation, innovation and makes room for everyone’s contribution, isn’t it? What are the main reasons for adopting horizontal management in your agency? There are many advantages to betting on horizontal Indian Email Lists management as a mechanism to manage your business. Follow below the main reasons to implement in your agency.

Horizontal Management In Your Agency

Motivation When the team has space to give its opinion, suggest different paths and propose solutions to challenges, engagement and motivation tend to be more intense. As a result, the team’s Indian Email Lists productivity is boosted and the results tend to be better than those achieved by unmotivated employees who are not connected with the company’s goals. costs When streamlining hierarchical levels of the company structure, it is natural that Indian Email Lists some positions no longer make sense, as they do not add value and do not directly impact the team’s performance . With that, the agency that bets on horizontal management can have a considerable cost reduction. Autonomy The development of employee autonomy is a way to optimize the team’s performance and, therefore, generate positive and satisfactory results for the Indian Email Lists company. Also, giving autonomy is a two-way street and the employee usually gives dedication and responsibility in return.

Indian Email Lists

Communication Horizontal management promotes an environment in which communication between people Indian Email Lists and processes takes place more fluidly, quickly and directly. As there is no need to go through many hierarchical levels or sectors that work in isolation, this type of management makes it possible for interactions to take shortcuts and makes Indian Email Lists processes more agile. Flexibility Labor market trends point to more flexible and high-performance environments, right? In view of this, it is important to highlight that horizontal management does not work with the stages of plastered processes or standardized solutions. Thus, it allows for more flexibility in decision-making and also in employee behavioral issues. Cost Indian Email Lists benefit Horizontal management improves the cost-benefit ratio for the agency in many respects.

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