There are several types of group dynamics that can be applied in companies. Each one involves specific strategies, in which different areas and needs of employees and the company are worked on. To North Korea Email Lists choose the best dynamic for your case, evaluate what your goals are with the activity, what you hope will be developed and, based on that, calmly choose which of the options below is the most interesting. 1. Dynamics of the desert island North Korea Email Lists This is a simple exercise that is very common among HR sectors. In this dynamic, it is necessary to apply a small questionnaire to the participants, asking them to answer 3 simple questions: Assuming you’re North Korea Email Lists lost on a desert island, which member of the group would you like to be with you? Assuming you won a trip with 3 companions, who in the group would you take?

Simple Methodology

Assuming you need to organize an event, which colleague would you choose to share this task? It is important to guide North Korea Email Lists employees so that the answers do not only contain the names of colleagues, but also a justification. Each person will fill in their card without the author’s identification. Once completed, it is necessary to place the questionnaires inside North Korea Email Lists an envelope. The dynamics coordinator will then ask everyone to sit in a circle and present their justifications for the choices, without mentioning the names of the chosen colleagues. The keywords presented in these justifications will be noted on a board, and will become important values North Korea Email Lists ​​of fellowship, being necessary characteristics to develop and improve along with teamwork .

North Korea Email Lists

Dynamics of the challenge As the name says, this dynamic is able to present to the group of employees the importance North Korea Email Lists of facing new challenges, and motivate them to seek these opportunities , trying to overcome themselves daily. Compared to the previous one, this group dynamic requires a little more preparation to be executed. You must have a black or dark box, which is not transparent, as the content must be kept North Korea Email Lists secret. Inside that box, put the game rules . These rules are nothing more than the challenges that must be met by employees. Divide your team into 2 groups with the same amount of collaborators. Organize these people to form a single circle, inserting the participants in these groups. With North Korea Email Lists the circle formed — and ensuring that members of the same team don’t stand side by side — it’s time to randomly hand the box to one of the collaborators.

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