By generating the interaction, people end up keeping their attention on the material. And it is precisely people’s attention that is one of the biggest challenges in marketing today, as the number Ecuador Email List of information grows exponentially, but the amount of people’s time remains the same. What are the advantages of using it? All this public attention can generate several benefits for companies’ marketing and sales . The increase in the OI of interactive content is one of them. That’s because interactive Ecuador Email List content can: generate more organic traffic; improve SO ; increase the number of shares on social networks ; increase the number of followers; enhance the chances of vitalizing the content; attract qualified and warm leads; improve public perception of the brand; increase conversions. All of these benefits consequently impact the return on investment. And in companies that have Ecuador Email List already adopted interactive content,

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In a study carried out in 2018 by Demand Metric and the ion interactive interactive content platform, it was found that 96% of marketers claim that interactive content positively impacts the purchase Ecuador Email List journey . How to calculate the OI of interactive content? One of the challenges that marketers face is knowing how to measure the return on investment made in marketing. According to the survey mentioned above, only 14% of companies Ecuador Email List measure the result on the engagement of the materials they produce. Before understanding how to calculate the OI of interactive content, it is important to mention the following points. Follow up! Interactive content can increase the accuracy of the OI calculation The advancement of interactive content and personalized content positively impacts the accuracy of the Ecuador Email List calculation of some metrics, such as customer acquisition cost (VAC) and Lifetime Value (LAV).

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According to Jinny Rose , this is a marketing trend for years to come. It takes time to calculate it It is important to Ecuador Email List remember that interactive content should not be analyzed in the short term, but in the long term . According to Scott Sever son , the OI of interactive content should be viewed like gym workouts. “You won’t see a reward in a week. But if you commit to doing it regularly, you’ll get incredible results.” That is, the implementation Ecuador Email List of interactive content and the feedback on it should be seen as a marathon, not a sprint. OI must always be improved Knowing how to calculate OI is something that never has a final formula, as the tools and ways to measure it are always improving and becoming clearer. The ideal is always to try to Ecuador Email List take into account as much information as possible,

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