The OI of interactive content is greater than that of static content and can generate quite high values ​​if the content goes Dubai Email List viral, for example. That’s why sales and marketing are leveraging interactive content to improve their numbers and generate more leads and customers. Raiser Risque November 21, 19 | Reading: min How to Calculate the OI of Interactive Dubai Email List Content The interactive content is one of the bets marketing to generate more leads and more clients. This is because of the good results they can provide to companies. Interactive content grabs attention by trapping the prospect in the content and engaging them. One of the advantages of placing you in a sales Dubai Email List funnel is being able to use the attraction that the interactive content causes, to take the lead to other stages of the funnel , increasing the OI .

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The OI of interactive content can be quite beneficial and that’s one of the reasons companies adopt it. The investment in marketing is smaller, but the return can be much greater. Learn more about the Dubai Email List OI of interactive content and how it can be calculated in this article. For this, let’s comment on the following points: What is interactive content? What are the advantages of using it? How to calculate the OI of interactive content? Interested? Keep with us and have a good read! What is interactive content? Interactive Dubai Email List content is that which allows some type of interaction between the user and the material, creating a unique result. There are several possible formats for creating interactive content, but the most used are info graphics , quiz , Dubai Email List books , white papers, calculators, landing pages , contests and videos .

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Each type of interactive content can be used in different ways within a marketing plan and there is no specific rule on how to use or which one to use . The important thing is to be in line with the Dubai Email List desires of the company persona or to reach their pains. Unlike static content, in which everything is ready and it is up to the user to be just a reader, without interfering with the content, interactive content allows the audience to be an active and Dubai Email List important part in the construction of the content. Generally, it is the participation of the audience that makes the material take different directions and obtain unique results. Suffice it to note that quizzes and quizzes are now quite common in addition to being responsible for the success of Dubai Email List one of the biggest sites on the Internet, Buzz feed .

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