Survey your business information First of all, it is imperative that you have all the information about your business at hand. Therefore, it is necessary  Catalan Email List to carry out a thorough research on your brand, the performance of the website and blog, and market performance data. Among the information to be considered are: coverage: the location you can reach with your activities; format: the ad formats and materials you can produce, as well as values; statistics and reach Catalan Email List data: information that proves the reach of your media; habits of the audience: the behavioral and consumption characteristics of your audience; point availability: the points available to serve the customer’s ads. ​2. Present the company’s history and newsletter Provide all relevant Catalan Email List information about your company, such as how long it has been in the business, which businesses it is present in, among others.

How To Assemble a Media Kit

​It is recommended to include data that show the seriousness and quality of your work, such as any awards won. All information that was collected in the Catalan Email List previous step can be included in this Point out the companies that already advertise with you To impress credibility, nothing better than pointing out other companies that already trust your work. This process is called social proof. If possible, it is Catalan Email List recommended to collect testimonials from some customers telling the results they obtain when advertising on their vehicles. 4. Talk about your market Often, you will come across entrepreneurs who are resistant to investing in promoting their products or Catalan Email List services. With that in mind, it is recommended to talk about your market, making it clear how it works and what results it can generate for the customer.

Catalan Email List

At this point, you also need to say what your niche is. After all, companies need to know if their audience matches theirs. Otherwise, they may not Catalan Email List be convinced they’re getting a good deal. 5. Show who your audience is The more data you make available about your audience, the more chances you will have to convince the customer to purchase your services. Then, make a description of the audience, including Catalan Email List data such as the origin of the visitors to your pages, gender, average age, location, interests, economic level and products and services that catch their attention. If you have a defined persona , this is a good time to include it, as this Catalan Email List makes it easier for the customer to understand. 6. Expose your differentiation What makes you different from competitors?

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