And the next time you need to create an image, you’ll dread it because you’ll remember how long this part can take. So you set that time limit (10 minutes) and decide that you are going to find an image in that amount of time. Step 4: Put It Together bibbidi bobbidi boo animated gif Using the basic rules of visual content creation, it’s time to make your graphic piece. This is where the real work begins. To get the most for your money (so to speak), you should create a minimum of 3 sizes for this image: Landscape (1200 × 630) Portrait (735 × 1080) Square (1080 × 1080) But if you have extra time and energy, I also recommend doing a 1920×1080 version .

This is the perfect 16:9 ratio image that has the most universal visual appeal. The only places it can’t be used are as a Facebook Open Graph image and on Instagram. Anywhere else online, it works like a charm. Now, it also helps if you’ve already got your hands on some social media image templates to simplify this process. While 2/3 of the tools I’ll talk about below will have templates for you, it’s good to keep the sizes you need in mind. Using Designfeed design feed screenshot Designfeed is the newest visual content creation tool I’ve ever worked with.

It Offers The Simplest (And Fastest)

Process for creating images. However, it also offers the least amount of control over the creation process. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Designfeed gives you access to a huge library of professionally created design templates and millions of free, high-quality images. You browse the feed, select UAE phone number the layout you like, and then you can customize the content. You can customize: text and subtext text color Background image Brand (if applicable) Once you’ve done that, you can have the app instantly create 5-6 different sizes to cover all your social media bases. That’s where this tool really shines. screenshot of Designfeed image sizes By automatically taking care of the primary design elements and resizing each grid for you, it saves a ton of time.

UAE Phone Number

The drawback is that you have less control over modifying text size, spacing, positioning, and other design elements. If you’re just looking to get the job done and not mess around with small details, this is probably the best tool for you. Using Canvas canvas editor screenshot This is the best tool of both worlds. Canva gives you all the tools you need to customize your image without being overwhelming. You can start with one of their size templates and then choose from their professionally designed layouts. Once you pick a layout, you can customize just about anything. Now, you don’t have as many fine-tuning layout controls as you would with Photoshop , but that’s both a strength and a weakness of the tool.

Enough To Do What You Want

But not enough to plunge into a black hole of exploring and adjusting options. However, unless you have Canva for Work , you won’t be able to automatically resize images for all your social media needs. Free Canva user will need to create each size image separately. This can be a lot more work. If you’re going to be creating a lot of images for social media, Canva for Work is definitely worth paying for . using photoshop Photoshop editor window screenshot If you’re using Photoshop, you have a full set of design tools to fine-tune and customize your images down to the last detail.

It is the most popular design standard software used by professional designers for decades. However, unless you’ve been using Photoshop for a while, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of options. The learning curve is quite steep and it might take you about a year to work with it to get comfortable and fast. Now using Photoshop, there is a trick you can use when creating your social media images. Some time ago I discovered the glorious world of Photoshop scripts. Basically, if you’re familiar with javascript, you can create scripts that will automate certain things in Photoshop.

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