Caught the attention at the present time of motorsport fans in Mexico. Of motor. This strengthens the image of the Mexican not only within the medium. Which he operates in front of the audience. What remains to be seen is the company’s ability to really capitalize on the image of the character. In the midst of an event that, although it has not yet suffered. The saturation of other sports such as soccer is beginning to be part of the communication plans of many brands. who want to connect with lovers of engines and speed.

Published on Sunday afternoon the publication

quickly generated reactions among the followers of the pilot. The post currently has more than 138 comments, 427 retweets, and just over 4.2 likes. Given the relevance of the character, the brand contributed to the conversation by giving the pilot the requirements as well as a registration link to become a driver of the Costa rica email list renowned mobility platform.


The peculiar and “spontaneous” mention made by Checo Pérez

costa rica email list

Emerging as an interesting advertising strategy that tries to capitalize. In the interest that the Mexican Grand Prix. Arouses among fans.  That since its arrival in Mexico has promised and reported interesting economic benefits. According to official data, the agreement between Formula 1, the Inter-American Entertainment Corporation (CIE)


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