What it should look like or the specific questions your audience would love to see answered in the product. 8. Answer questions Ideally, your subscribers and audience will give you some ideas for questions you can answer. But you can also actively ask them in a newsletter what they would like to know. Running out of ideas of what you can send to your email subscribers? Here are some email ideas to keep your email audience interested and entertained. Make your email newsletter an engaging piece of content. #emailmarketing #newsletters #listbuilding #emailnewsletter #blogsubscribers #bloggingtipsI also find many questions to answer in conversations with clients or at events where I speak with entrepreneurs and founders.

Tell a story There are endless stories to tell, just make sure they stay on topic. You can use stories like: how i totally failed How I’ve been in your shoes and look where I got How I had this problem and how I found the solution 10. Curated content It doesn’t always have to be your own content that you send with your newsletter. Why not provide a list of the best posts you read in the past week? Again, stay close to your niche and topic to ensure your audience is interested in your curated pieces. Curating content also gives you an opportunity to honor some of your fellow bloggers, some clients, or colleagues. If I have to send so many newsletters, what the hell should you send? Here are some ideas of what you can send in your email newsletter.

More Free Stuff Even

If your subscribers have already signed up, some free stuff will be appreciated. There are many possibilities of gifts that you can create and if you create a new gift, why should only new subscribers get the new gifts? Send them to your existing subscribers via email. Consider the use of various content formats. This way, you can even test what kind of content your subscribers are Germany whatsapp number list  most interested in: Do they prefer to opt for videos, or is an e-book the content format that most of them download? 12. Report on how you use the different channels I assume you are active on multiple platforms and channels. Why not send out an email and tell your subscribers what they can expect on the various platforms: where you share content, where you actively participate in discussions, where they can reach you, etc.?

Germany WhatsApp Number List

This can even help you build an audience on some of your channels as it may transfer some of your subscribers to one or more of your other channels. 13. Contests, Challenges, Giveaways Do you have something to offer for free? Maybe 10 memberships for a free course or do you give away your (paid) ebook for free in exchange for some action? You have to be creative. If you use a social network for a contest, you can also use the newsletter to let people know. You can combine this with some other emails, for example you can give some rewards to all subscribers who answer a question you send. 14. Re-engagement emails Everyone has those subscribers who never open an email but never unsubscribe either. But honestly, you don’t want a ton of subscribers on your email list who aren’t interested anyway.

To Check If You Want To Keep

A subscriber or remove them, you can send a Re-engagement email. It’s an email you send for the sole purpose of checking to see if a subscriber is really dead to you, or if you can reactivate them. You have to be extra bright with the subject line of this email, to get attention. Here are some tips and sample re-engagement emails from Drip. If you are unable to reactivate your subscribers, you should consider removing them from your list and cleaning your list. 15. A perspective What is in your future, what are you planning and what are you working on? Give a little information about your business and make it human. Usually it pays to show a little glimpse behind the bright curtain and show that there really are people working.

Don’t be afraid that some of your subscribers will unsubscribe with almost any email you send. You only want subscribers who like to receive email from you; if they don’t want your emails anyway, let them unsubscribe. Plus, you need to stay on your subscribers’ radar and keep the conversation going. Your email list is your opportunity to build relationships and generate anticipation and interest in what you have to offer. How brands can take advantage of Instagram stories Published: 2017-09-05 The following is a guest post from Kaley Hart. Kaley is a San Diego-based digital strategist who writes for Jumper Media’s social media marketing column. She loves working with small businesses and telling her stories through social media. Kaley is very talented, but her most impressive quality is her ability to identify any breed of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club.

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