Not defining what the categories are Another mistake when creating a mind map is not defining the categories.So imagine that you have made five mind maps about a subject. However, each of them has Finland Phone Number List different information. For example, in one, you talked about: When; Where; how a certain action was performed. On the other, you talk about: benefits; How did it happen; who participated. As such, each mind Finland Phone Number List map has a different style, and perhaps the most important information about each subject is missing. Then organize in a structured and systematic way all the topics that need to be covered in all the mind maps you create. Remember that the information has to be complete and well Finland Phone Number List organized, OK? Here, a rule that can help is to use some techniques. Do you know what 5W2H is ?

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This acronym, which stands for “who, what, why, when, where, how and how much”, is an interesting idea to Finland Phone Number List help create a stream of content that makes sense for all mind maps, would you agree? Mix keywords and images on the same line As we’ve seen, aesthetics are very important when creating your mind map, as well as choosing your keywords well. However, to make your organization easier, never mix these two Finland Phone Number List concepts. Using someone else’s mind map There’s nothing worse than trying to use someone else’s mind map. After all, as we have already mentioned in this content, it is a photograph of how that subject is Finland Phone Number List  stored in your head. That way, if you take a friend’s map, you’ll see their perception of that content not how it’s associated in your head.

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Therefore, you run the risk of trying to associate content in a way that is incompatible with your Finland Phone Number List knowledge, and this can hinder the learning process. After all, you are going to try to register an image that is not yours! So don’t do this. Create your own mind map, always . Write texts instead of topics Some people are afraid of creating Finland Phone Number List a mind map and not being able to put everything they need on a single sheet, for example. So, they want to write several paragraphs to try to memorize. It does not work! After all, the purpose is not to memorize the content. To solve this problem, make important decisions . Always choose a single word or image to associate with a certain concept and write, at most, one sentence Finland Phone Number List that encompasses all the knowledge. If the content is too broad, be aware that you can create multiple subtopics to improve understanding.

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