Returning to the shoe store example, the salesperson could ask the customer some of these questions: “Do you want to take this one or would you prefer to see other models?” “Can I wrap them Ecuador Phone Number List for you, or would you prefer to take them already in your shoes?” “Can we go to the cashier or would you like to see some other product?” It is worth remembering that these techniques work well in markets where product Ecuador Phone Number List prices are lower so that the company’s revenue is based on volume. In such a scenario, salespeople cannot spend too much time with the customer, as they need to meet other people and make more sales. Therefore, it is the opposite of what happens in Inbound Sales , a process in which the sales Ecuador Phone Number List professional needs to spend more time with the customer, try to understand their needs well and show how their product or service can meet them. What is Complex Selling?

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A complex sale is one that needs several processes and methodologies to make it work, that is, it is not just Ecuador Phone Number List about closing as in a simple sale. In this case, the salesperson needs to take on a more advisory role that really makes the prospect see how much your product or service can help. For this it is necessary to know the pains of this prospect very Ecuador Phone Number List well, in addition to having a high knowledge of the solution being sold. Furthermore, in complex sales, the product is usually more difficult to understand and has a high price, which makes the customer want to know more about the benefits of the purchase before hitting the hammer, especially in BIB scenarios. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges for anyone Ecuador Phone Number List working with complex sales is dealing with the fact that it is little known in the market or difficult to understand.

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Content Marketing itself , even as it is becoming more and more known, is still something relatively new, which makes many people want to know more about how it works before hiring a Ecuador Phone Number List solution like this. That’s why Rock Content produces so many materials about it such as articles, e-books, videos, webinars, courses and the like that make the public understand a little more about how a content strategy works and how it Ecuador Phone Number List can help many professionals and companies to have results. Therefore, it is very common that in complex sales, customer prospecting occurs from the top of the purchase journey or sales funnel, which is composed as follows: Top of the funnel: when the person discovers they have a Ecuador Phone Number List problem. Middle of the funnel: stage at which she starts looking for solutions to this problem.

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