And can ruin responsive design. These are some serious downsides to think about, and depending on the type of website or blog you’re running, there could be a lot more downsides than I’ve listed here. Hybrid feedback systems This post, although I’ve been writing it for a couple of years, was inspired by Danny Brown’s recent post, Introducing Hybrid Commenting , and the subsequent discussion on Poland Phone Number+. Danny has taken a new approach to his own comments and decided on a hybrid model using two plugins: inline comments and Google+ comments . Inline Comments uses the native WordPress commenting system, but adds the ability for people to add their comments to the side of any paragraph, just like on Poland Phone Number.

Since I loved this feature on Medium, I immediately investigated. I was a bit disappointed. Three deal-breaking issues I found from online comments are. Poland Phone Number theme/plugin conflicts could lead to the page reloading when a comment is submitted. The plugin is now supposed to send the comment without reloading the page, but as seen on Danny’s blog, this is not the case. If the reader hasn’t finished reading yet, this can be frustrating. People comment before reading the full story. Using this type of commenting system increases the chances that someone will comment on a paragraph without knowing that what they are commenting on may be addressed later in the blog post.

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On his blog post were a good example. The conversation becomes very fragmented. Because people comment wherever they want within the piece, one would have to open each thread, one by one, to participate in the full conversation. For me, this is the worst part: the conversation becomes more fragmented than ever. Native WordPress Comments In a nutshell, the reason Poland phone number I choose to have native WordPress comments on every site I own is for simplicity and control of the experience . I spend a lot of time creating a beautiful reading experience for my readers. The presentation of each Poland Phone Number and paragraph matters to me. I also care a lot about how much mental energy a reader uses to interact with my blog.

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For me, adding any of the above commenting systems adds a layer of complexity to the commenting experience. Nothing is as simple as Name , Email , Comment . You don’t have to remember which email to use, which password, or where your comment will end up. You control all Poland Phone Number of the experience and trust no one else. The verdict: do what’s best for your audience At the end of the day, no one can tell you what’s right for your audience . You know your goals and (should) know what your audience needs. If you’re primarily targeting a Google+ audience, Google+ comments work best.

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If you don’t mind a user experience that’s a bit disjointed from the rest of your site. But want to give your readers the widest possible choice when it comes to their comments. One of the other systems might be right for you. How to Make Visual Content That Doesn’t Suck: 3 Simple Principles Published: 2014-12-14 Three basic design principles to help you create amazing visual content. Do you want to create stunning images that get noticed and more importantly shared? But you’re not a designer? It’s okay? Well, buckle up, because you’ll get a crash course in visual design without any of the fluff. Simple, straightforward and practical design principles so you can create quickly. I was recently a guest on #BufferChat, where I was asked what the most important “design rules” to follow were.

My answer was balance , framing and contrast. By Poland Phone Number these three fundamental concepts, you can create amazing visual content that people will love. Balance is beauty balance and symmetry. Our brains are wire to see symmetry as beauty. But when it comes to visual design, both traditional symmetry and asymmetry can be beautiful as long as there is a balance. Let’s apply this concept to the creation of social visual content. When creating a piece of visual content , you typically have a combination of the following elements: background image / photo text / title / tagline logo / watermark / branding. Assuming your background image/photo was obtain from a high-quality.

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