Case studies Case studies are perfect for those who are in the process of defining the best company to meet their purchasing needs. They promote your Lesotho Email Lists business directly, but still manage to be subtle and non-invasive . After all, they are relevant content that shows how your company has already helped other people in the same situation as the lead. 4. Landing pages Landing pages are aimed at converting visitors into leads and, depending on the type of product Lesotho Email Lists you sell, also serve to close sales in an automated way. Whatever the purpose of your landing page , it is very important to advance your business relationship with leads. Following design and content best practices can ensure great conversions. 5. Social proofs Social proofs are evidence that your Lesotho Email Lists company is able to meet the highest demands of customers .

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Leads pay attention to these proofs at different points in the buying journey, but especially at the decision stage. But what counts as social proof? Things like: customer testimonials; positive mentions in the media; high number of Lesotho Email Lists customers; excellence awards; among other possibilities. Where to use social proofs? On your website, on your landing pages, in CT’s on your blog, in printed materials, etc. Basically, the sky is the limit to show that customers have plenty of reasons to trust you. the customer journey What are the steps to start Lesotho Email Lists your Collateral Marketing strategy? What’s the point of knowing what Collateral Marketing is, seeing examples and knowing the advantages of the strategy if you don’t know how to draw a plan and put it into practice to Lesotho Email Lists see this concept working in your favor?

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Not to let you see ships, we’ll show you how to plan, execute and analyze your business’s Collateral Marketing performance. 1. Planning This is all Lesotho Email Lists involved in planning: find out who your ideal customer is; define what is the ideal positioning for your brand ; identify which channels are worth using to convey this message. For example, if you want your product or service to have mass appeal and be Lesotho Email Lists popular, you need to adopt a different language than you would if your solution were refined or targeted at companies in very technical segments. 2. Execution Once you’ve defined your persona , your channels and your communication language, it’s time to start producing the materials you’ll use as Lesotho Email Lists Marketing Collateral.

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