Time on page, and other more advanced conversions, even like sales. You may be Malaysia Phone Number List interested in these other e-commerce content Boost internet sales: 7 tips for your e-commerce How to ensure good customer service in e-commerce SWOT analysis for e-commerce: optimize your online store 5. Quick and detailed view of products Malaysia Phone Number List When viewing the products, in addition to having the possibility of having many alternatives on their screen, the visitor also wants agility. This sense of urgency and practicality is a strong consumer characteristic in the Marketing 4.0 era , so it is always good to serve it. When interested in an item, the user Malaysia Phone Number List wants to know more about it, view it in a large image and have some details, but without leaving the page .

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Given this, a good test to do is to allow for the possibility of quick viewing. When passing the cursor over the product, the consumer will see a temporary window Malaysia Phone Number List that opens, enlarging the image and with more details about the product . It’s interesting to offer this possibility to understand if it really brings more conversions, having this perception by the A/B test, naturally. 6. Attractive offers at Malaysia Phone Number List checkout One of the great ghosts of e-commerce is cart abandonment . This metric means that the user gave up the purchase at checkout, that is, when confirming the purchase and paying for it. The problem is so big that a study by the Bay-mar Institute found that the Malaysia Phone Number List overall dropout rate is approaching 70% .

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Good flashy strategies help smooth it out! The test is simple: at checkout, use the mental Malaysia Phone Number List triggers in your favor by offering your customer something beneficial, making them feel privileged . A good way to achieve this is to display a banner stating that he has won free shipping, discounted the final purchase price, or that he has got free Malaysia Phone Number List shipping because he is buying over a certain amount. The feeling of winning something leads the user to confirmation! 7. Call to Action (CAT) Variations There are a few phrases that make all the difference in the way you communicate with those who browse your site. It may sound simple, but Malaysia Phone Number List studying different CAT possibilities is a valuable A/B test for e-commerce.

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