Knowing how to correctly control time is one of the most important skills a manager must have. That’s because any inattention can result in an avalanche of delays, which compromises the deliveries made by the Mali Email Lists communication agency . Controlling or managing time is nothing more than organizing it according to our availability and needs. To do so, you determine how much time will be spent on a given task. Thus, delays and a drop in productivity are avoided . Currently, there Mali Email Lists is no lack of distractions that compromise your performance , such as constant use of social networks, spending too much time looking for information on the internet or holding useless meetings. To get around these circumstances, the ideal is to adopt practices and tools that optimize your daily life. Mali Email Lists Want to improve your organization and productivity? Follow, in this post, how to keep track of time!

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Categorize tasks according to urgency and importance For effective time management it is essential to learn the difference between urgent and important. Start by Mali Email Lists analyzing your decision-making role in a situation that requires you to choose between a task that is considered urgent and another that is important. The tendency is for managers to always opt for urgent activities, but this is not always correct. According to a study developed by the Productivity Mali Email Lists Institute, most people spend only 20% of their day on important tasks, reserving 80% for activities that generate little value. This means that you may be prioritizing urgent tasks, but without complexity, leaving aside important tasks that can bring relevant results to your business. One way to Mali Email Lists prioritize what you really deserve is through the task management matrix ,

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Which categorizes them into urgent and important, only urgent, only important, or none of the alternatives. What is urgent and important must be done Mali Email Lists immediately. In turn, less important activities, even if they are urgent, should not be prioritized. Staying focused on what matters most optimizes your time control and decreases the chances that important tasks will become urgent. For each activity Mali Email Lists to be completed, use a label with the categories mentioned above. Thus, you can prioritize tasks, increase your productivity and ensure deliveries on schedule. Also, make it a habit to visit your list periodically to see if the urgency and importance scale still makes sense or needs to be adjusted. Divide your time Mali Email Lists between work and rest Managing a communication agency requires that your creativity is always on the rise.

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