Thus, when in doubt, choose only lowercase letters. 10. Remove problematic characters There are characters that are difficult to read when inserted into a URL and it is best not to use them. Check this link for a list of these symbols Bahrain Email Lists we are talking about. It may seem like a very poor argument if we talk only about the difficulty of reading these characters, but the reality is a little more complicated than that. Most Bahrain Email Lists browsers have some issues when they encounter some of these symbols in an address, so avoiding them is really best for the health of your publications. You may also be interested in these other content! How to Change WordPress URL: 4 Quick Methods! URL Builder: Learn how to create a crawl Bahrain Email Lists able URL! 11. Limit redirect to two or less Suppose your URL redirects navigation to another address (which is common),

Don’t use too many folder separations

This is not a tragedy, but know that one of the criteria for improving ranking is the speed of data loading, and the more redirects, the longer your site will take to open. 12. Use hyphens and underscores to separate words Previously, Bahrain Email Lists people more experienced in SO recommended not to use the underline to separate words, due to some difficulties that browsers had with this type of URL. But this has changed for some time now, and nowadays browsers see both the Bahrain Email Lists hyphen and the underline the same way and without any problem. Another issue that should be taken into account is the use of spaces. These yes are still incompatible with some browsers. Therefore, it is ideal to avoid them, which can be easily Bahrain Email Lists solved with the most modern content management platforms.

Bahrain Email Lists

Repeating keywords in the URL will only get in your way

Don’t use too many folder separations Humans love to organize their data and create splits and divisions for everything, but a website is one place you don’t need a folder for everything. What we call “folder”, here in Bahrain Email Lists this case, is what is contained between the bars, as in the following examples: Bad example: This doesn’t necessarily mean that your site’s performance will suffer, but it does create a Bahrain Email Lists perception of depth that can be confusing for both users and content management platforms and search engines. 14. Repeating keywords in the URL will only get in your way After you have learned several things about SO here at Content Marketing , Bahrain Email Lists you may want to be smart and use repeated keywords in the URL,

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