How to make your online store profitable and be able to engage and convert visits into real customers? In this post, understand Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List which ways you can lead your visitor towards the purchase! Gabriela Continental June 27, 18 | Reading: min How to turn your blog visitors into your online store customers Working Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List exclusively with content marketing strategies for e-commerce over the last year, a very frequent question I get is: Gabriela, how many people who visit my content actually become customers? In other words, what is the conversion rate of blog visitors into customers ? This is a complex question. After all, the answer Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List depends on the strategy of each virtual store, the type of business, the sales funnel of your vertical, how you lead your visitor through the content and how you generate enough trust for them to make a purchase.

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Even because I would give you the same answer if we were talking about a physical store, right? The idea today is, before we delve into specific metrics to track conversion, we understand the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List path taken by visitors to purchase . Digital Marketing Glossary for E-commerce What do virtual and physical stores have in common? Let’s think about two scenarios together. I’ll give you the options and at the end I want you to imagine which store probably has the highest number of sales at the end of the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List month: The Price Legal store is located on a quiet street. There are few people who pass the store door and, when someone finally enters the store, the salesperson is unprepared to serve, he does not know how to answer questions, he is not very solicitous and does not know Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List how to indicate the best product for the customer.

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The Te DE Tudor store is on the busiest street in the city and, in addition, it has a team of extremely capable Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List  salespeople. When someone enters the store, sellers are on hand to help, give tips about the products, share experiences of other people who have already bought it, and accompany the person to the checkout to complete the purchase. Which of the two stores do you believe sells more at the end of the month? I hope Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List you’ve thought of the Got of Everything store. The online stores have much more in common with physical stores than we imagine. They, in the same way, need visibility and to provide good customer service, but they are processes that happen in different ways. How to build your Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List store network on Google? Imagine that Google is a city.

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